People find Robert Irwin’s choice to quit the Australia Zoo startling, although he is a well-known television celebrity for being a zookeeper and environmentalist.

Robert is well known for being the late Steve Irwin’s son. The Crocodile Hunter moniker applied to Steve, who was well renowned for his interactions with crocodiles.

Robert hosts Robert’s Real Life Adventures, carrying on his father’s legacy. Additionally, he co-hosted the Wild But True television program on the Discovery Kids Channel. He also contributed to the Robert Irwin: Dinosaur Hunter book series.

Why Is Robert Irwin Leaving Australia Zoo?

Robert Irwin has made plans for the world, including abandoning his residence at Australia Zoo. However, Steve Irwin’s son has always yearned to carry on his father’s legacy.

To continue his father’s legacy, he has decided to leave Australia Zoo and tour the world while producing wildlife films. Like his father, Steve, he aspires to travel the world while being filmed by a camera team.

In the area of nature photography, Robert is regarded as an authority. He fell in love with South Africa while visiting with his family in 2018.
He thus has a strong desire to visit South Africa, and it may be the first stop on his journey across the globe to produce wildlife documentaries.

Where Is Robert Irwin Going?

Robert Irwin will travel the globe to film nature-related documentaries. He is excited to embark on this endeavor and has always wanted to go on this trip to create films.

Rober is 18 years old but has accomplished a lot already. His sister Bindi, who is 23 years old, said she is sad to say goodbye to her cherished brother.

Bindi believes in and supports her brother’s right to pursue his ambitions. However, she also mentioned that Robert has been talking to her about his intentions, which makes her quite upset because she has spent her entire life with Robert, and leaving him feels very difficult for her.

About Robert Irwin’s Parents And Siblings

Terri and Steve Irwin welcomed a son named Robert Irwin into the world on December 1 in Buderim, Queensland. The oldest of his parents’ three children, Robert is the oldest.

Steve, his father, was a conservationist, zookeeper, wildlife enthusiast, and television personality. Unfortunately, Steve passed away from a stingray bite to the heart while filming an underwater documentary.

When Robert’s father went away, he was two years old. He was homeschooled in Australia Zoo with his sister, Bindi, the oldest of his siblings.

Bindi Powell, who is 23 years old, wed Chandler Powell. She is also the mother of Grace, her little daughter.

What Happened To Robert Irwin?

Robert is doing great and is fine. Irwin announced the news in one of the photos on his Instagram page after being featured on Australia’s Stellar Magazine cover.

Irwin has also discussed his desire to move out of his family’s residence at the Australia Zoo, which may have sparked rumors that anything may have happened to him.

However, he is doing well and is excited to embark on the subsequent experiences and goals.

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