Rick Thorburn Wife: Julene Thorburn Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Children And Where Is Julene Thorburn Now?

Julene Thorburn is the wife of suspected murderer Rick Thorburn whose news is getting viral on the internet.

She was informed that Tiahleigh Palmer, the slain couple’s foster daughter, would be placed in the car’s trunk at 8:00 p.m. by Rick.

Julene watched as Thorburn drove his blue Ford Falcon into the shed after dusk from their home in Chambers Flat, south of Brisbane.

To prevent the police from tracking his phone’s location and location data, Rick left his phone at home with his wife.

Rick Thorburn Wife: Julene Thorburn
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To learn more about Rick Thorburn’s wife Julene Thorburn’s bio, Wikipedia, and children, continue reading the article below.

Rick Thorburn Wife: Julene Thorburn Bio And Wikipedia

People started looking for Julene Thorburn’s biography as soon as they discovered that she had participated in the murder of her foster daughter, Tiahleigh Palme.

She was given an 18-month prison sentence suspended after six months for deceiving the court and seeking to influence the outcome.

She still visits her husband, a loyal wife, since she insists that he “doesn’t have anybody else.” She believed she had a “duty” to support him “for better or worse” because of their wedding vows.

Rick Thorburn Wife Age

The age of Rick Thorburn’s wife has not yet been made public online. However, according to several sources, Rick is close to 62 years old.

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Julene Thorburn’s exact age has not yet been determined. As a result, we are unaware of her age, place of birth, and personal information.

The specifics of the incident and the identities of Rick and Juluene might eventually come to light.

Rick Thorburn And Julene Thorburn Children

Trent Thorburn, Rick Thorburn’s son, admitted to sexually assaulting Tiahleigh when he was 18.

Cindy Palmer, according to the source, misses her child a much. However, Cindy continued by saying that despite the time, her grief at losing her cherished daughter was still very much present in her life.

However, Cindy might exhale with satisfaction now that her daughter has received justice. Her siblings miss her every day. At the moment, little is known about Rick’s family.

Where Is Julene Thorburn Now?

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Julene Thorburn’s current whereabouts are unknown. In contrast, her husband Rick received a life term for killing 12-year-old Gold Coast girl Tiahleigh Palmer in 2015. Fishermen discovered her body on the Pimpama River’s banks six days later.

Trent Thorburn, then 18 years old, told his mother Julene that he had had sex with Tialeigh and was concerned that she might be pregnant at the time of the victim’s death.

Julene asserted that she spoke to her husband frequently and felt forced to visit him in jail before the probe.

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