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Trent’s father, Rick, was captured in 2018 and was handed a life sentence after being found guilty of killing 12-year-old Tiahleigh Palmer and leaving her body on the banks of a Gold Coast river in 2015.

According to a recent report, child killer Rick Thorburn has been non-responsive.

The child killer, who was serving a life term for the murder of his foster daughter, was discovered unconscious in a Brisbane jail cell.

Rick Thorburn Son: Trent Thorburn Wikipedia Bio

Rick Thorburn, who was given a life sentence for murdering his foster daughter, is the father of Trent Thorburn.

Women using the online dating service have now found Trent Thorburn, Tiahleigh Palmer’s foster brother, who was released from prison in 2018 after being found guilty of incest and other felonies.

Others have said they feel “sick” at the thought of the man hooking up with an unassuming woman who could be too young to remember his misdeeds.

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In 2017, Thorburn was sentenced to four years in prison after confessing to having sex with his 12-year-old foster sister, Tiahleigh.

He also admitted guilt to two counts of lying and attempting to skew the course of justice, according to The Courier Mail.

He served 16 months of his sentence in prison before being released in January when the judge took time served into account.

He was tortured by other inmates during his first several days of detention, and he spent a lot of time in solitary confinement.

Where Is Trent Thorburn In 2022?

By robbing a Brisbane store of camping gear, the foster brother of murdered adolescent Tiahleigh Palmer avoided going to prison.

The son of child killer Rick Thorburn, Trent Jordan Thorburn, admitted to trespassing and theft charges on Wednesday in Beenleigh Magistrates’ Court.

Trent Jordan Thorburn was spared a conviction and instead was handed a good behavior bond.

A container in a safe place outside the store was allegedly broken into that evening, June 25, by seven persons who also allegedly stole $5000 worth of equipment.

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A one-year, $1,000 good behavior bond was issued to Thorburn. No conviction was recorded.

In 2017, after pleading guilty to incest, he was sentenced to four years in jail with a five-year suspension for trying to obstruct justice and two charges of perjury.

After serving 16 months in jail, he was released.

Mr. Kilner agreed on Wednesday to the prosecution’s request to keep the remainder of the suspended sentence in place.

That suspended sentence was imposed on Thorburn as a result of his lying to the police about his relationship with Tiahleigh.

 Trent Thorburn Family: Details On His Family Members

Rick Thornburn, Trent Thornburn’s father, murdered an Australian girl in her tweens in 2015. Her bones were found six days later, and Rick Thorburn, her foster father, was charged with murder.

Both Trent’s mother, Julene, and older brother, Joshua, were later released on bond after being accused of perjury and attempting to tamper with the course of justice.

Rick Thorburn was discovered to be comatose in his Brisbane jail cell.

According to a statement from Queensland Corrective Services, the 62-year-old had earlier appeared “healthy,” but was discovered comatose at around 8:30 am and sent to the hospital.

The investigation states that until paramedics arrived at the Wacol prison, guards provided him with first aid and worked with Queensland Health officials to keep him stable.

He was in a cell by himself at the time. According to the authorities, Thorburn should be alive by Tuesday night.

Thorburn was found unresponsive in his cell in September 2020.

After his son Trent Thorburn acknowledged having sex with her and worried she was pregnant, the court found that he killed Tiahleigh in the family’s Chambers Flats home, south of Brisbane.

The family then lied to the authorities for almost a year, claiming that the father had brought their daughter to school and that they had not seen her since.

According to an inquiry, he most definitely killed her by strangling her.

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