Riches Was Filmed Mainly In Two Main Locations

Filming for Amazon’s Riches took place in upscale cities, including London and New York. Riches is a drama TV show from Britain.

You’ll become engrossed in the new Amazon Prime TV series. It embraces its drama (capital D) side as the season continues. After the first few episodes of the season, an overarching mystery is introduced.

Compared to most of what came before, the final minutes of the conclusion uncover a much more intriguing future path for these family interactions.

In October, it was said that the six-episode first season would start airing in the United States in early December and in the United Kingdom on December 22, first on ITVX and then on the ITV network.

With a large ensemble cast and a well-known premise, it’s a show you should add to your watch list. To learn where the series was filmed, keep reading.

Riches Was Filmed Mainly In Two Main Locations
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Riches Was Filmed Mainly In Two Main Locations

Both London and New York were used to film Amazon’s Riches. Riches’ production lasted from November 2021 until March 2022.

Most of the series’ pivotal scenes are filmed in and around London, the most significant capital of England and the United Kingdom.

The production crew seems to camp in various locations around the city to record different scenarios against suitable backgrounds.

The Stork Restaurant on 13–14 Cork Street in London may have been the location for some scenes from the first season.

New York City is one of the most well-known filming locations due to its populace, skyscrapers, and numerous iconic buildings. The TV program was filmed in New York City as well.

On November 11, 2021, Deborah Ayorinde and Hugh Quarshie announced the series’ leads. In November 2021, principal photography began in London.

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What Is The TV Series Riches About?

Riches is a British television program about families of color who run successful businesses. Stephen Richards plays the lead in Riches.

The premise of the show’s first season centers on Stephen Richards, the lead character, a successful entrepreneur who built his business from the ground up.

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Because he owns one of the profitable cosmetic companies, Stephen faces twice as much competition as he should. On the other hand, Richard has a fatal stroke, dies, and is buried immediately.

The war for succession begins after his death, forcing the family to fight for what they feel is rightfully theirs. The other family members must try to safeguard their reputations and marriages because the family’s secrets are in danger.

The lead performances by Deborah Ayorinde and Sarah Niles are so captivating that viewers will undoubtedly switch to at least the second when the first episode is over.

Riches is a glitzy workplace drama that spills outside the boardroom and has high-stakes Black capitalism at its core.

The show adapts to the viewer’s mood by giving a little bit of everything, including soap, seriousness, and research.

On Amazon Prime, you can watch the entire six-episode season all at once. The series’ episodes had their Prime Video debuts in several nations, including Australia, Canada, the US, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Nordics.

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