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  • October 4, 2022
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The owner of the Reach Fitness Gym in London and an Instagram influencer in the fitness industry is Rich Tidmarsh. Tidmarsh shares insights about his life, family, and

The owner of the Reach Fitness Gym in London and an Instagram influencer in the fitness industry is Rich Tidmarsh.

Tidmarsh shares insights about his life, family, and Fitness with his 16.1K+ Instagram followers.

The greatest way for Tidmarsh to communicate with his followers is on Instagram, where he posts videos of himself and his affiliates working out at his club, Reach Fitness, as well as fitness recommendations.

Since November 8, 2021, the Reach Fitness gym has been open for business and has endured the epidemic while remaining strong.

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Here Are Some Facts About Rich Tidmarsh:

Age:30s – 40s
Net Worth:$100K – $1M
Profession:Fitness Influencer, Gym Owner, Trainer
Spouse:Sarah Rose
Gym:Reach Fitness
Alma Mater:Loughborough University
Years Active:2005 – Present

Rich Tidmarsh’s Age

Although Rich Tidmarsh’s precise age is unknown, he appears to be in his mid-to late-thirties or early forties.

In 2005, he established the Reach Fitness brand and had since promoted it internationally. In 2011, he inaugurated the London GM, which became his home base.

Reach Fitness has become one of London’s most well-known gyms in under ten years because of Tidmarsh and his skilled staff.


He has two gym locations in South West London that are furnished with the newest technology and welcoming coaching environments.

One of the earliest independent group training facilities in the UK capital, the main site is in Clapham. The next location

Who Is Rich Tidmarsh’s Wife?

Since 20 September, 2019, Rich Tidmarsh and Sarah Rose have been married.

Sarah Rose has kept all of her social media private, maybe in response to her husband’s rising popularity on the same site. Therefore very little is known about her.

Still, her spouse frequently blogs about how much he loves his wife, which makes a lot of their relationship public.

The two appear to have a strong connection to Menorca because they got married there. No matter how little information there is on Sarah Rose in the media, it’s crucial that her relationship with her husband is very wholesome.

How Many Children Does Rich Tidmarsh Have?

Mabel is a daughter that Rich Tidmarsh and his wife, Sarah Rose, share. On December 25, 2021, just before Christmas, Mabel was born.

When his daughter is involved, the adoring father, frequently indulges in his Instagram captions, waxes lyrical for days.

Tidmarsh enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, especially when they are close to the water, in many of their joint posts.

The daughter also appears to enjoy Menorca, and the family finds the Mediterranean climate to be very wonderful.

Rich Tidmarsh’s Net Worth

Although Rich Tidmarsh’s net worth is unknown to the general public, it is likely to be substantial.

The man is the owner of a gym that serves and has served a variety of elite athletes. As a result, it is only reasonable to presume that he or his gym has a significant revenue.

Regardless of Tidmarsh’s wealth, he seems to enjoy what he does and is surrounded by others who care about him and are happy to see him succeed in life.

The man is either living his ideal life already or is actively working to do so. He uses identical captions for every single Instagram photo he makes.

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