RHONY Erin Dana Lichy Husband: Abraham Lichy Bio, Wikipedia, Job, Earnings, Net Worth, Wife And Family Details

The husband of Erin Dana Lichy is a lawyer and a partner in the firm’s intellectual property division. For the past ten years, the two have been married.

Erin is one of the newest cast members of Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of New York City. According to Bravo T.V., Erin will appear in the reality series with seven recent alums and Ubah Hassan, Sai De Silva, and other celebrities.

Erin Dana Lichy is a big name in the news because of her role on RHONY, but she is also known for how well she remodels homes.

RHONY Erin Dana Lichy Husband: Abraham Lichy Bio, Wikipedia, Job, Earnings, Net Worth, Wife And Family Details
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Abraham Lichy Bio, Wikipedia

Erin Dana Lichy and Abraham Lichy have a loving union. They were married at the Wall Street event space in New York, conducted by Rabbi Doron Aizenman Cipriani. This most likely happened in late June 2012.

Erin was 24 years old, and her fiancé was 29. She had graduated from the State University of Albany and was enrolled at New York University to pursue a master’s in real estate development.

She co-worked with her mother as a broker and real estate agent at Halstead Property in New York. Abraham is a partner in the intellectual property department of McLaughlin & Stern and a lawyer.

Social media is widely used by the newest Real Housewives of New York City to share photos of her family. She said, “Summer 22′, I love youuuuu,” beside a photo of herself with Abraham and their three kids on September 6.

Under the handle @erindanalichy, she administers her Instagram account, which has more than 9,000 followers. In addition, she posts updates to her official Instagram account on her daily activities and professional ideas.

Abraham Lichy Job Details

Abraham Lichy, the spouse of Erin Dana Lichy, was born and raised in New York and had a strong interest in mentoring early-stage startups and growth-oriented people. He used to practice law at one of the most prestigious firms in New York City.

Abraham has firsthand experience with the startup process as a CEO and Founder; therefore, he is aware of the emotional rollercoaster.

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Additionally, he oversees legal matters for Autumn Communications PR. He is a partner and the head of the intellectual property department at McLaughlin & Stern, one of the most renowned law companies in New York, which was established in 1898.

In 2010, he graduated with a J.D. from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. He received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2005.

Abraham Lichy Earnings And Net Worth

Erin Dana Lichy, the spouse of Abraham Lichy, is worth $1 million. Therefore, Abraham Lichy must be extremely wealthy in his own right.

Erin earns tremendous quantities of money from her successful operations as a real estate agent and businesswoman. However, she will most likely get more prosperous due to her involvement with the Real Housewives of New York City.

She was still a student when she got her sales license at age 19. Nevertheless, she had effectively finished four new development initiatives by 23. She has now committed herself to development and brokerage, strengthening her position.

Erin has always been her career and passion because her family has been in the real estate business for over 40 years.

But before entering the real estate sector with a more well-rounded and creative approach, Erin had previously founded and later sold her fashion firm called FRAMEWORK.

Who Is Abraham Lichy Wife?

Abraham and Erin have been married for more than ten years now. Abraham celebrated his wife’s tenth anniversary in June and shared motivational pictures of their wedding on Instagram.

He noted: “Can you imagine that ten years have passed? Pretty bizarre It genuinely boggles my mind how much we’ve accomplished and how much we’ve been through together.”

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Erin also had a message for her hubby on their tenth wedding anniversary. She also uploaded a picture to Instagram with the caption:

“My dear, happy tenth wedding anniversary. I’ll never forget the moment you told me I was the final piece of your puzzle when we were hugging each other.”

“I am so grateful for our life together and feel so fortunate to have found my soul mate that I am at a loss for words. You are the only man who could have made me into a child bride. I couldn’t and still can’t resist your allure. I adore you.”

Abraham Lichy Family Details

Regla Lichy and Dr. Jacob Lichy gave birth to Abraham. With his wife, Abraham has three kids. On December 8, 2021, son Levi turned seven; on March 22, 2022, daughter Layla was five.

The youngest child’s mother, whom they call their “littlest little,” describes him as a cute, laid-back music enthusiast who is tough, “crazy,” and quite pushy. Unfortunately, he was the last kid to show up. Therefore, on February 22, 2022, he will have just turned two.

Dorothy R. Somekh and Eliahu Yitzhari are New Yorkers and Erin Dana Lichy’s parents. The mother is an expert in New York City’s condo and real estate industries and works as an associate broker. The father was a director of investments for Triangle Assets in 2012.

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