An English singer named Rex Orange County has a tiny gap between his teeth. He composes songs and plays a variety of instruments.

Alexander James O’Connor, the son of Nina and Phil O’Connor, was born on May 4, 1998, in Grayshott, England. At the age of five, he developed an interest in music, and at the age of sixteen, he began to take pieces seriously.

The singer has always been influenced by artists like Queen, Stevie Wonder, ABBA, and other British and American acts, as well as American alternative bands like Green Day and Weezer. Additionally, a teacher gave him the nickname “The OC” after his last name, O’Connor, which served as the basis for his artistic title.

Additionally, County has a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment’s RCA Records, and his musical tastes include jazz, hip-hop, lo-fi, indie rock, bedroom pop, and soft rock. Since he started making music in 2015, he has released four albums.

Rex Orange County Teeth Problems, Earnings, Salary, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Parents And Siblings
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Find out more about Rex Orange County Teeth Problems, Earnings, Salary, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Parents And Siblings Details in this post.

Rex Orange County Teeth Problem Details

Except for a tiny gap between his front teeth, Rex Orange County’s teeth are perfect. Since he was young, Rex has had a tooth gap; nevertheless, he chose not to have it filled because his admirers prefer it when he smiles.

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The singer, on the other hand, rarely smiles while flashing their pearly whites; the majority of his Instagram photos feature him with his teeth covered. However, he periodically posts pictures of himself laughing and charms many people with his charisma.

Rex Orange County Earnings, Salary And Net Worth

Rex Orange County is estimated to be worth $1 million. Since starting to perform in the music industry in 2015, the English singer has made a few million dollars from his music.

Bcos U Will Never B Free, Apricot Princess, Pony, and Who Cares? are the four albums he has so far published. He has also collaborated on numerous popular tunes with several well-known musicians, such as Randy Newman, the Dutch artist Benny Sings, and the American rapper Tyler the Creator.

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Additionally, Rex released the live CD Live at Radio City Music Hall in 2020. His latest album, published on March 11 2022, became his first to dethrone Impera by Ghost at the top of the UK Albums Chart.

The artist also sells merchandise that includes unique t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, towels, hats, and skateboard decks. As a result, he earns a good living through his career and business and can live a contented life.

(Net Worth Source: CelebNetWorths)

Rex Orange County Girlfriend Details

Since he is unmarried, Rex is travelling, performing in front of large crowds, and having a blast with his band and crew.

Thea Morgan-Murrell and the singer previously dated, but their relationship ended in 2020 after difficulties. Since then, he hasn’t been seen dating.

County used to publish numerous pictures of himself and his ex-girlfriend on social media and was very open about their relationship. Still, he hasn’t posted anything with a new one yet.

Thea and the artist remain single, and Thea hasn’t posted any pictures of her partner on Instagram. However, she has created 74 attachments using the username @theatheathea_.

Rex Orange County Parents And Siblings Explored

Rex was raised in the village of Grayshott near Haslemere, Surrey, where he was born to his adored parents, Nina and Phil O’Connor, in Grayshott, England.

His mother worked at the school he later attended, while his father was a professional sports photographer. The musician nonetheless kept private specifics about his family and background.

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In addition, County has a sibling who is also a child of Phil and Nina. On May 4, 2017, his 19th birthday, he posted a photo of himself and his sister from their early years. He didn’t tag her or mention her by name, though.

The senior O’Connor has established himself on Instagram as @philocphotos, where he currently has 1.8k followers and 2.6k posts. He has been a photographer since 1981, and up to March 1988, he worked as a freelancer.

BirthplaceGrayshott, United Kingdom
Parents’s NameNina O’Connor and Phil O’Connor

Is Rex of Orange County Married?

Rex is just 24 years old, unmarried, and more interested in advancing his career than finding a spouse or raising a family. The musician has emphasized devoting his valuable time to his career because he is frequently too busy to share his work with his fans and admirers.

So he hasn’t committed to spending the rest of his life with his soul mate or promised to share his good and bad days with anyone. County has not yet revealed that he is engaged to his girlfriend and that he plans to marry his true love. He will eventually wed the woman of his dreams, though.

Rex Orange County Career Details

County first showed an interest in music when he was just five years old and joined the school choir. He later honed his drumming skills and learned how to play the piano.

Rex, a multi-instrumentalist who can play the guitar, saxophone, piano, bass guitar, and drums, started using Apple’s Logic program to create music when he was 16.

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The music producer Two Inch Punch gave him a management team after his debut album, Bcos U Will Never B Free, was released, and they worked together on three songs, UNO, Best Friend, and Untitled.

Additionally, his Flower Boy album with Tyler the Creator collaboration blew the young musician away, and his feature songs Boredom and Foreword expanded his fan base. He has released three new albums and finished second in the BBC Sound of 2018 competition.

Rex Orange County Relationship Timeline

Rex and Thea met while attending the BRIT School; they grew close friends before falling in love and dated for almost five years before deciding to pursue separate careers.

They started dating in 2015, and on October 31, they celebrated their anniversary. However, County later tweeted, “I am not in a relationship,” confirming that they had broken up, which grieved many of their followers.

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Even in a few songs, the artist mentioned his girlfriend. On the songs Sycamore Girl and Never Had the Balls, the duo worked together; Morgan-Murrell is also a British singer-songwriter.

The musician also needs to remove the photos of his ex-girlfriend that he shared on social media, even though they don’t follow one another. But, unfortunately, he might be too busy or wish to save the memories forever to go through his feed.

Morgan-Murrell Is A Songwriter

A British singer-songwriter, County’s ex-girlfriend, has songs on streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud. In 2022, she released an album called Land of Nod.

Grandfather Clock, So Simple, TwentyTwo, Inside Out, and A Little Time on Me are a few of her most well-liked songs on Spotify. Furthermore, 49k people listen to the performer each month.

Thea has not, however, put out any new music since 2020, despite suggestions on her Instagram account to the contrary. Additionally, she is less active on social media, although her followers have eagerly awaited the release of new music.

Social Media Accounts for Rex Orange County

Rex updates his followers on his new songs and way of life via social media, which helps him keep in touch with them and foster goodwill. The musician has 1.9 million followers on Instagram, goes by the name @rexorangecounty, and has posted 422 attachments.

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Similarly, County started Twitter in August 2015; since then, he has posted 423 and 1.4k tweets, and 641.3k persons have followed him. As of October 11, 2022, the musician additionally established his official TikTok account and released seven videos. Additionally, he now has 1.6 million likes and 449.8k followers on the video-sharing website.

Is Rex Orange County Postponed Due to Problem?

County gained notoriety after appearing at Southwark Crown Court on October 10, 2022, and was charged with six charges about a case he became involved in June 2021.

The singer refuted the accusations, entered a not-guilty plea, and was released on bail; the trial was tentatively set for January 3, 2023. In addition, the musician said in a statement that he is stunned by the accusations and is looking forward to defending himself in court. But the artist is unable to react further because of the unfolding events.

Image Source: Facebook

Some of his supporters continue to support him, but most are unhappy with the news and are frantically searching for his explanation on social media.

He is presumed innocent until proven guilty, so even though his backers, who have been behind him and invested in him from the start, are saddened, they aren’t giving up on him. Once Rex is at ease, he will inform his followers of the situation. Then, hopefully, he’ll give his account of events.

Some FAQs

What is wrong with Rex Orange County’s teeth?

Rex Orange County has a gap in his teeth. Besides that, he has no other alarming problems that affect his health.

Does Rex Orange County have a wife?

Rex Orange County does not have a wife as he has not tied the knot with his partner, nor has he gotten engaged to his girlfriend.

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