RBonney Gabriel Parents, Mother, Husband And Kids Details

RBonney Gabriel, the winner of Miss USA 2022, is the daughter of Ramon Bonifacio Gabriel and Dana Walker. She is currently the tenth Texan to win the Miss USA title. In addition to making news for being named Miss USA 2022, R’Bonney also helped make immigration history.

The pageant queen is Filipino on her father’s side and immigrated to the United States on a college scholarship from the Philippines. She has brought honor not only to her parents by winning the championship but also to the entire nation of the Philippines, which she claimed to have represented on the enormous stage.

She is pleased to identify as a Filipino-American and cherishes both of her homelands equally. R’Bonney asserts that she is the first and happiest Filipino to receive such a prestigious award. The pageant queen acknowledges her American mother and Filipino father’s role in shaping who she is today and expresses gratitude to them.

R’Bonney significantly influenced the audience by encouraging them never to give up and keep going till they got where they were going. She is a beauty queen who works for several charitable organizations and aids the underprivileged.

RBonney Gabriel Parents, Mother, Husband And Kids Details
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RBonney Gabriel Mother Details

R’Bonney is the daughter of R’Bon and Dana Walker, who both served as Miss USA in 2022. American Dana Walker was raised as a farm girl in Beaumont, Texas.

Dally Elzie Walker and Hilda Mae Alford Walker are the parents of Dana. She had a short and respectable existence in the country in her early years with her brother, Stephen Ray Walker, and Jeannene Ball. Dana finished her education there as well.

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After moving to Texas, she met her future husband, R’Bon, a college student from the Philippines. R’Bon arrived in the USA when he was 19, but he didn’t meet Dana until after. Dana’s age gap from her spouse is 14 years, and she is currently 69.

Dana supports her daughter’s profession in pageantry and aids her in all aspects of life. She frequently posts on Facebook, and before her daughter’s pageant, she declared: “Hello loved ones and friends! The Miss USA pageant will include my daughter on July 12 at the Houston Hilton Post Oak “she posted a lot of information about it on her Facebook.

Real NameR’Bonney Nola Gabriel
Stage NameR’Bonney

Dana Walker Husband Details

The wife of her husband, R’Bon, a Filipino immigrant in Texas, is Dana Walker.

Dana’s hubby goes by the moniker R’Bon. Remigio Bonson “Bon” Gabriel is his legal name. R’Bon lives in a house in Missouri City, Texas, with his wife and kids. R’Bon was born in Manila, Philippines, and is currently 85. he has obtained American citizenship, though.

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The University of Houston awarded R’Bon a Ph.D. in psychology. Later in life, though, he established and ran his auto repair shop, which became his primary source of income. Because of their tight relationship, R’Bon frequently appears on his daughter’s Instagram.

He is the beauty queen’s role model since he worked hard to get where he is and raised his daughter with love and support. She also mentioned how proud and supportive her parents were of her participation in Miss USA.

Dana Walker Kid Details

Dana Walker also has a son who is older than R’Bonney Nola Gabriel in addition to R’Bonney.

R’Bonney is the only daughter and youngest child of her parents. She also has a senior brother named Brett Gabriel, though. Dana and R’Bon’s oldest child, Brett, was born in 1992, making him two years older than his sister. They are great friends; both went to school in their Texas hometown.

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Brett has a low profile and is rarely seen on social media. But he attended Lawrence E. Elkins High School and worked at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop after graduating.

Some FAQs

Who is R’Bonney?

R’Bonney is the titleholder of Miss USA 2022.

Who are the parents of R’Bonney?

R’Bonney is the daughter of R’Bon and Dana Gabriel.

Which ethnicity does R’Bonney belong to?

R’Bonney is half Filipino from her dad’s side and half American from her mom’s side.

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