Rasmus King’s parents are Justin and Eva King. Professional surfers Justin and Eva Rasmus and his brother Kyuss both received their upbringing at Byron Bay.

Eva does not surf as frequently as Justin, a regular surfer who spends the bulk of the day surfing, due to crowds. Eva, though, is riding the longboard with a vintage-inspired classic stance. Eva currently instructs women’s health counseling courses and performs yoga.

Rasmus is a 17-year-old expert surfer. On April 17, 2015, in Byron Bay, Australia, he was born to a Danish mother and an Australian father.

He also performs in Bosch and Rockit as an actor, making his feature film debut. In addition to his second project, an Australian feature film, he committed to six film festivals. Both movies were scheduled for release in 2022.

In addition to performing and surfing, Rasmus enjoys a variety of artistic and daring activities. In addition to playing the guitar, drums, and singing, he enjoys activities like Muay Thai boxing, skating, and fishing, to name a few.

Additionally, King has received mentions in Vogue, Esquire, and Marie Claire, among other fashion magazines.

Rasmus King
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Who Are Rasmus King Parents?

Parents of R. King Justin and Eva are both accomplished surfers. Next to his brother Kyuss, Rasmus grew up in Byron Bay.

On February 26, 2000, Eva and Justin exchanged wedding vows. They will commemorate their 22nd anniversary on February 20, 2022.

Rasmus’ Father Justin

Justin used to teach his sons how to surf when they were little. Rasmus learned to ride a longboard at the age of 17 months. Because he was still wearing diapers, he couldn’t even walk correctly.

Since his sons decided to pursue careers as surfers, much like he did, Justin is proud of them.

Justin will be 52 years old by 2023. He celebrates his birthday on July 26. Eva shared a birthday greeting for her hubby on Instagram on July 26, 2022.

Justin and his wife Eva have such a close bond that they resemble best friends more than anything else. As of right now, Justin has 5965 followers on Instagram with the handle @puppaking.

Rasmus’s Mother Eva

When Eva was a model in the late 1990s, she walked the runway at the Milan Fashion Show. In an old video that Justin posted, she was shown lean, stunning, and brashly striding up the ramp.

She does yoga and teaches lessons to help others cope with stress and anxiety. She also provides Polarity Therapy sessions, healing techniques, and meditation programs for women in Byron Bay to help them reduce stress and have a good view on life.

Eva also plans a range of diet and healthy eating classes. She provides tools such as shopping lists, recipes, and nutritional eating recommendations.

She also posts healthy recipes on Instagram and has a number of courses on how to eat healthily, such as how to juice fast and cleanse. In 2017, she also completed a culinary program in Byron Bay where she taught methods and meals for a balanced diet.

Currently, Eva has 5203 followers on Instagram with the username @evaqueensofkings. She posts a ton of family photos, meal ideas, and wellness tips on Instagram. She takes pleasure in inspiring women at work.

Kyuss King Is The Brother Of Rasmus

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Rasmus King, Jr.’s brother is surfer and musician Kyuss King. Following his victory in the World Surf League tournament, Kyuss will triumph at the Oakberry Tweed Coast Pro in Cabarita in 2022.

Elite surfer Kyuss started surfing with his father at the young age of two. He participated in his first surfing competition when he was eight.

Because his field of employment developed out of his love, the surfer is happy with it. In addition to surfing, he also has a strong interest in music and the arts. He experiments with his art through surfing by implying artistic images on his surfboards.

He enjoys singing, playing the guitar, and jamming with his brother Rasmus in their garages. He intends to pursue a career in music.

Rasmus wished his brother a happy birthday on June 9th. Rasmus regards the musician as his best friend, mentor, and source of inspiration.

Currently, Kyuss has 79.8K followers on Instagram under the username @kyussking. Additionally, his Kyuss King YouTube channel has 1,98k subscribers.

He uploads videos of himself using a surfboard, traveling, and vlogging about turning a skateboard into a creative instrument.

Rasmus King Biography And Career

Rasmus is a gifted young athlete and artist who is trying his hand at acting.

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Rasmus Bosch makes his feature film debut as Rockit in the movie Rockit. The biographical movie is about the movie’s director, Tyler Atkins.

Rockit, a little child in need of the family’s love and care, is played by Rasmus in the place of Tyler. Luke Hemsworth portrays Bosch, Rockit’s father.

The movie is based on Tyler’s actual story, who had to spend his childhood by himself. After being born to a drug dealer father and an uninvolved mother, he was left to raise himself.

Tyler picked Rasmus for the role when he was eleven years old, but by the time the film was finished, he had become fifteen. Despite having completely different real-life stories, Rasmus and Tyler share a shared interest in surfing.

After finishing his first picture, he committed to participate in six festivals for his second movie, directed by renowned filmmaker Macario De Souza.

The story revolves around three teenagers with a common interest in music who attend six music festivals to get away from their everyday lives after one of them receives a grim diagnosis.

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