Many NFL fans know Claire Kimbrell as the partner of Ravens wide receiver Rashod Bateman.

After being selected by the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 2021 draft, Rashod Bateman attracted greater attention. He is the team’s starting wide receiver and is in charge of the receiving corps.

He got into playing at a young age and worked his way up to being a professional athlete. In his junior years, he had a stellar record. He accepted a scholarship from the University of Minnesota and thereafter advanced his sporting career.

He has certainly made progress toward the NFL. He was chosen for the first team of the state during his senior year. In 2019, he also won the Richter-Howard Receiver of the Year honor.


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Who Is Claire Kimbrell? Rashod Bateman Girlfriend

According to reports, Rashod Bateman dated his amazing girlfriend, Claire Kimbrell, for a considerable amount of time. They were very outspoken about their relationship and did not hold back from displaying it in public. The couple used to frequently post photographs to their social media accounts.


Their fans cherish them dearly, and they have been together for a very long period. The couple’s post demonstrated how well they appeared to know one another and how closely they were related.

Claire Kimbrell, girlfriend of Rashod Bateman, graduated from Georgia Southern University.

His girlfriend, who also cheered for her college during her final year, has given the Baltimore wide receiver a lot of encouragement. She studied at Duke University and had received her degree there.

Bateman’s Partner Claire’s Age And Birthday

Rashod, who is 22 years old, will be 23 on November 29. Rashod was born to his parents in Tifton, Georgia, in 1999. Similar to him, his girlfriend Claire turned 22 on May 12, 2022.

Because they both attended Georgia’s Tift County High School, many people assume they are high school sweethearts despite their age and educational differences.

Nevertheless, because they were committed to their jobs, they made smart choices by deciding which universities best suited them.


With her pals, Claire Kimbrell honoured her 21st birthday. On the website, she posted some of the moments that were recorded.

Kimbrell attended Duke University and is currently a student there, whereas Bateman elected to stay at the University of Minnesota despite receiving numerous late recruiting requests from numerous prestigious academic schools.

Bateman and Kimbrell Pictures On Instagram

On Instagram, Bateman and Kimbrell have been posting pictures, but recently, while being active on the platforms, they haven’t shared any images of one another.

The professional athlete currently has over 121k followers on his verified Instagram account, where he often updates by publishing stories.

However, a quick scan through his 32 posts reveals solely images of him having fun and living his life with his buddies.

As an emergency room nurse at Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Claire Kimbrell is now employed. Kimbrell is similar in that she has 45 uploads so far and has over 4,000 followers on the website.

Is Rashod Bateman Playing Now?

Many people have gained some optimism that Rashod will soon be able to play football again after seeing him return to the Ravens’ practice facility on Wednesday. Since the last game against the Buffalo Bills on October 2, the wide receiver had not appeared for almost two weeks.

The starting athlete missed over two weeks of play due to a sprained foot. After missing three weeks of practice due to a groin ailment he sustained on September 25, Justin Houston joined the outside linebacker in reporting for practice.

Seven starters are still out of the lineup, according to the Baltimore Ravens’ official website, with some on rest and others dealing with knee, heel, and foot injuries.

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