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Rapper Suigeneris’ Ex-Girlfriend Devenity Perkins, Polygraph Test, Dating Life Details

  • October 21, 2022
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Devenity Perkins is an actress, singer, and social media celebrity who once dated the rapper Suigeneris. Suigeneris, an American rapper and musician, became well-known after the release of

Devenity Perkins is an actress, singer, and social media celebrity who once dated the rapper Suigeneris.

Suigeneris, an American rapper and musician, became well-known after the release of his song “Pull Up” in August 2017.

The rapper had been writing songs for years prior to the release of his breakout single, “Pull Up,” but he admitted during a YouTube polygraph test that the song might have been far better.

Devenity Perkins is an American actress, singer, and social media influencer who was once the rapper’s girlfriend. In the television program Total Eclipse, she portrayed Morgan.

The four singles by Perkins are Ruined, Jekyll & Hyde, Bored, and Put Me Out. On Spotify and other well-known streaming platforms, you may hear all of Perkins’ tracks.

In 2019, Suigeneris and Perkins began dating after establishing a connection on Instagram. However, they didn’t remain partners for very long before splitting up.

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To learn about his Ex-Girlfriend Devenity Perkins, Polygraph Test, And, Dating Life Details, continue reading the article.

Meet Rapper Suigeneris’ Ex-Girlfriend Devenity Perkins

Devenity Perkins, an American actress, singer, and social media influencer was Suigeneris’ ex-girlfriend. Perkins, who is now 19 years old, was born in Fullerton, California, on August 13, 2003.

Her parents were present at her birth at Saint Jude Medical Center. She has an elder sister named Daniella Perkins, yet she hasn’t shared much about her family with her admirers.

The Perkins sisters have worked together on many different projects. In the 2014 short film Senior Slasher, Devenity made her acting debut while playing herself. Since then, her IMDb page has gained five acting credits.

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In the episode of the television series Total Eclipse, she played Morgan. Devenity has a very lucrative career as a social media influencer and personality in addition to her acting career.

Over 836k people follow her Instagram account, which goes by the alias @devenityy. Despite having a sizable social media following, she doesn’t seem to be posting advertisements.

She has also made a name for herself as a vocalist in a similar manner. Four single tracks by her have already been made available: Ruined, Jekyll & Hyde, Bored, and Put Me Out.

Spotify and other streaming services offer her whole song catalogue. On Instagram, where they first connected, rapper Suigeneris and Devenity immediately got close. They dated for less than a year before calling it quits on their romance.

Exploring Rapper Suigeneris Polygraph Test

The polygraph test that rapper Suigeneris underwent to back up his accusations is available on YouTube.

The test begins with a few straightforward questions, but as the presenter pushes the rapper with more difficult ones, it becomes more difficult for him to pass.

But he is put to the ultimate test when his ex-girlfriend Devenity Perkins starts interrogating him. During the test, she was able to elicit some fascinating details about their connection.

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The artist flatly denied missing their relationship when questioned, but the test picked up on his deception. Suigeneris responded truthfully when she inquired if he had ever cheated on her while they were dating.

The rapper replied that she was cute and that he was really trying to be sincere. The rapper’s motivation for initially approaching Perkins for a relationship was also questioned by Perkins.

He also admitted that he was telling the truth when he said he never viewed Perkins’ phone while they were dating. When Devenity asked the rapper about it, he truly denied ever messaging any of his friends during their separation.

Details On Rapper Suigeneris Dating Life

The rapper Suigeneris is not dating anyone as of 2022, hence it is believed that he has no girlfriend.

The rapper’s 672k Instagram followers, who can see that he never posts pictures of his significant other or girlfriend on the photo-sharing social media network, bolster the accusation.

In a similar vein, he has avoided discussing his current love relationship in press appearances or on social media. After breaking up with his ex-girlfriend Devenity Perkins, he hasn’t disclosed anything about his new connections.

However, the rapper can be in a secret relationship and not be ready to tell his fans and supporters who his partner is. He might be trying to stay out of the limelight to spend more time with his sweetheart.

The rapper, 19, might not have the time for a meaningful relationship just yet because he is focused on developing his career. Since his last breakup, he has not been connected to any well-known people or women.

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