Rapper RPRX Health Update: Real Name, Net Worth Explored

RPRX, a Scottish rapper, gained notoriety after sharing his touching tale. Discover his health updates below.

As his misery and agony drove him over the brink, RPRX, a 25-year-old rapper from East Kilbride, took matters into his own hands.

After five years of recurrent seizures, he was mentally and physically exhausted, and he committed suicide. On that awful day in 2019, we may have lost a young and talented talent, but music saved his life.

Age25 years old
Net Worth $1 million – $5 million

Rapper RPRX Health Update

Rapper RPRX is afflicted with an illness that causes him to experience constant agony throughout his body. He suffers from a cluster of headaches that are so severe that he would not breathe and then go through them.

Because he couldn’t give up his life, the sickness had such a stronghold on him that he struggled with drug usage and despair. Because the adult male needs full-time care from his elderly mother, the previous five years had been nothing short of torture.

The epidemic threw him into a dreadful cycle, and he had no choice except to put out his feelings to find some relief. As he began uploading on SoundCloud, his refuge grew into a pastime.

RPRX’s Real Name 

RPRX’s real name is Jamie Wood. He is a 20-year-old Scottish rapper from Glasglow, United Kingdom.

He got inspired by Lil Peep, Juice Wrld, and XXXTentacion and began creating music consistently as it gave him a purpose in life and kept his mind off his headaches.

He’s been clean for seven months, but he still needs cannabis to help him cope with the agony he’s experiencing the musical therapy.

He uses music as a form of therapy, venting about his inner thoughts, mental health issues, lady difficulties, and real worries.

Discover RPRX’s Net Worth

RPRX’s net worth is unknown. We estimate it to be over $1 million. His career began when he released his song Working For Devil on Soundcloud, which became an instant viral smash, garnering 10,000 views in one day.

His previous workers like Lotti, Lunar Eclipse, Hood Rich, and GG are still accessible on the streaming site. Although, he had stopped publishing on the platform.

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