Rapper Chamillionaire Wife: Deetra Seriki Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Children, Net Worth Compared With Chamillionaire

Rapper Chamillionaire and his wife Deetra Seriki have been together for a long time. The vocalist’s spouse is covered in great length in the following report.

The American rapper Chamillionaire, real name Hakeem Temidayo Seriki, became well known in the 2000s and the first few years of the 2010s.

He founded The Color Changin’ Click, a local hip-hop group, and was a member of the group for four years, from its formation until the members’ breakup in 2005.

He joined Universal Records that same year and put out several songs under his name that did remarkably well in the commercial market.

Chamillionaire is a well-known personality in the music industry with millions of followers worldwide, having released numerous albums and receiving awards for his songs.

The rapper is well-known not only for his music but also for his business ventures. He has worked closely in the business world and launched numerous companies.

Since he is well-known, many people watch his personal life carefully, and the audience frequently wonders and expresses interest in learning more about his romantic relationships.

Speaking of his romantic relationships, according to Google reports, the vocalist has been married to Deetra Seriki for a considerable amount of time.

Rapper Chamillionaire Wife: Deetra Seriki Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Children, Net Worth Compared With Chamillionaire
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But there is not much known about her. Read on to learn more about the artist’s spouse, who some claim is a midwife.

Rapper Chamillionaire Wife: Deetra Seriki Bio Wikipedia

Despite the lack of information on their weddings, Deetra Seriki is rumoured to be the rapper Chamillionaire’s wife.

Seriki is identified as the wife of the well-known American rapper by a few web sources, including Briefly and the Google search engine.

Additionally, Briefly adds that Seriki and Chamillionaire’s romance began in 2001 when rumours were circulating among the public.

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There have been rumours that they were married and even had a child in the years since. However, there is nothing online about their wedding plans or even photos.

Therefore, we are unsure of their status as a couple. In addition, Deetra, Chamillionaire’s wife, is rumoured to be a midwife, and Deetra Seriki, a midwife by profession, has an Instagram account.

Therefore, it is unclear whether the rapper’s wife is a midwife by the name of Deetra Seriki or whether this is just a coincidence.

Deetra Seriki Age: How Old Is She?

Based on her photos, midwife Deetra Seriki appears to be between 35 and 45 years old.

Her exact age and date of birth are unknown. As a result, we are unaware of her real age or personal history.

Due to this, we can only speculate on the woman’s age range based on her online persona and images. However, based on this, we believe she may be in her late thirties or early forties.

However, this is a guess; her age may differ from our calculation. While presenting her works, the woman, who appears active on Instagram, largely concentrates on raising money for pregnancies and other worthwhile causes.

Deetra Seriki Children Details

There is evidence that Deetra Seriki is a parent. However, it seems improbable that she is the rapper Chamillionaire’s partner.

On her social media accounts, the midwife woman has posted a few pictures of her husband cradling a child. So naturally, being a family occasion, we assume that Deetra and her partner are that child’s parents.

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In contrast, musician Chamillionaire revealed in 2010 that he had a son called Xavier while discussing his losses from real estate investments and showing that the name Xavier signified “new house.” However, he didn’t mention his spouse or any other details about his family.

Since then, the rapper has maintained a low profile and avoided posting images of his wife or kids on social media. As a result, the public and media keep the specifics secret.

Deetra Seriki Net Worth Compared With Chamillionaire

Her net worth is quite low when compared to Deetra Seriki, the rapper Chamillionaire.

According to Indeed, Deetra is a certified pregnancy assistant who works in Colorado. The average midwife income in the country is approximately $105,734 per year.

We may anticipate the woman to have a few hundred thousand in net worth, most likely around $500k, given that she earns an annual salary in the range above.

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Contrarily, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Chamillionaire, or Hakeem Temidayo Seriki, has a net worth of $50 million. So Hakeem’s money is at least $49 million greater than Deetra’s when compared to the woman.

The rapper has amassed a sizable wealth from his music career, and his business endeavours help him increase it even further.

He is the CEO of the entertainment company Chamillitary Entertainment and has invested in other businesses. He earns a sizable salary each year as a result of his involvement.

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