Rapper And Musician: TiaCorine Bio, Wikipedia, Real Name, Age, Ethnicity And Net Worth

By posting her songs like Dipset, FYK, Gas station, and others on her YouTube page TiaCorine, TiaCorine has recently delivered back-to-back smashes.

American rapper and performer TiaCorine started her career in the music business at a very young age. However, the rapper gained notoriety after Lotto, her song, went popular on social media.

TiaCorine, a gifted musician, debuted her career in music in 2017 after posting her song Cabbage, which featured OG Spliff, on YouTube. Unfortunately, she took a long time afterwards before releasing her other albums.

All of her admirers loved and valued the song Lotto from the album The Saga of 34Corine. Since the song’s 2021 debut, more than 803k people have listened to it.

From her album The Saga Of TiaCorine, the singer has made 17 tracks available. In 2020, TiaCorine put out 12 tracks, and in 2021, she put out another 12.

TiaCorine Drops Get The Strap video: thehypemagazine

Here are some interesting details about American singer-songwriter and rapper TiaCorine.

TiaCorine Real Name

TiaCorine was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and goes by the moniker Tia. The beloved artist enjoyed herself greatly in Winston-Salem, her hometown.

TiaCorine making waves with the “Trap Anime” style of music: clture

In her community, Tia interacted with a diverse range of kids and had best friends who were Asian, Black, White, and Hispanic. She adored going on adventures with them all over.

Tia claimed that she felt affluent while residing in Winston. “Despite being small and slow, everyone gets to interact with a diverse range of people. I had an exquisite youth.” In an interview, Tia said.

How Old Is TiaCorine?

TiaCorine was born in the 1990s; thus, in 2022, she will be 29 years old. According to an Interview, TiaCorine was 27 years old in 2020, making her 29 years old today.

The performer has always been involved in the music industry and started her career in third grade. Since she can remember, Tia has been singing and playing the piano, and it seemed that becoming a rapper was her destiny.

At her first talent show, he sang “Happy” by Ashanti, which is Tia’s fondest early musical memory. After seeing how others responded to her song, she realized she could perform on stage and wow the audience with her singing.

TiaCorine’s Substantial Net Worth

The anticipated yearly income of TiaCorine ranges from $2.7k to $3.6k. The estimated range is based on an evaluation from readily accessible sponsorship data or other online sources.

Tia’s net worth, however, may differ based on the sources. Moreover, her exact net worth is difficult to ascertain because of the lack of information regarding her earnings.

TiaCorine continues the saga on 34Corine deluxe: envimedia

Due to her recent collaborations with various well-known musicians, the rapper and musician’s net worth is expected to increase in the future years. Tia is also a gifted musician whose wealth will undoubtedly rise.

TiaCorine uses her money during her career to fund her opulent lifestyle. Tia has enough money to buy branded goods and live a lavish lifestyle.

Details On TiaCorine’s Ethnicity

TiaCorine comes from a household that is multiracial. When she was four years old, her Shoshone and Indian mother and Japanese and African American father introduced her to a wide range of music.

While Tia’s father played hip-hop’s finest musicians from the old to the new school, her mother used to play pop and rock music. Her mother loved Queen, Teena Marie, and Sade, while her father preferred A Tribe Called Quest and Sugarhill Gang.

Tia began taking flute and piano lessons in the fourth grade and participating in local talent events. She then started working in the music business. When Tia released her track “Lotto,” local DJs, clubs, and the internet took notice of it, which helped promote Tia’s name across the country.

Find TiaCorine On Social Media

On Instagram, TiaCorine has a profile with the username @tiacorine. The rapper may be found on her Instagram, where she constantly posts about her everyday activities and planned projects.

Tia, 29, has only made 60 posts as of this writing. Tia currently has 722 followings and 65.4k followers. On March 7, 2021, Corine posted her first message under the heading it’s the blonde for me.

TiaCorine, has accumulated huge following on social media: youtube

Additionally, Tia has a YouTube channel, where she has posted 31 videos and has more than 17.7k subscribers since this article was written. The rapper signed up for YouTube on October 31, 2011.

Tia is a talented artist who has already received 5,115,881 views. She uploads music videos on her YouTube channel primarily for that purpose. She also publishes some funny vlogs featuring her family.

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