In India today, Rajeev Shishodia is a well-known figure in the fitness sector. Rajveer has a sizable fan base on his YouTube channel and Instagram. 

He recently posted a love/bodybuilding story on his YouTube channel, which received a ton of traffic and views. So let’s learn more about YouTuber Rajveer Sisodia in depth.

Rajveer Shishodia Biography - You Tuber Rajveer Fitness Series Wiki, Bio, Arrested Case, Height, Net Worth
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Let’s now discuss his professional background and unique traits.

Rajveer Shishodia Biography And Wikipedia

Rajveer Sishodia was raised in a highly educated family because his father is a teacher who also successfully runs a coaching facility in Ghaziabad.

He is a B.Tech and MBA graduate who excelled in his studies. However, Rajveer was extremely obese when they first met, and when a girl taunted him in school, he felt insulted.

Rajveer Shishodia was inspired to become a bodybuilder by Rajeev’s cousins interested in bodybuilding and wrestling. So Rajveer worked hard on his transformation, with a lot of assistance from his cousin Sanjay.

As a result of his work on the TV series Savdhaan India and other projects, Rajveer Shishodia has developed an excellent physique and has been given modeling roles in short films and commercials.

After completing a few modeling projects, Rajveer began his bodybuilding journey, which was the beginning of his turning point.

Rajveer received many honors in fitness competitions. He began his Fitness Coach Journey and his YouTube account. He had a ton of success in his fitness career and is now a YouTuber and fitness coach.

Rajveer Shishodia Arrested Case Details

Every successful individual must have some contentious history behind him. The same Rajveer Shsodia Fitness Series has been involved in controversy throughout his life.

He has been accused of having a steroid body, and some claim that Rajveer Fitness Series misled his viewers by exclusively promoting bodybuilding products in his videos.

Any athlete, bodybuilder, fitness coach, or instructor will likely face controversy at some point, but Rajveer Fitness Series is particularly troubled by his police case.

Rajveer Shishodia is currently in police custody after being arrested by the Delhi/UP Police, according to the most recent news. Rajveer has been detained after a woman claimed that Rajveer raped her while intoxicated.

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The woman claimed that Rajveer Shishodia, who was giving her fitness instruction, had raped her while they were together. Rajveer Shishodia is presently (2021) incarcerated, although there is a potential that he will soon be released.

After this case, he stopped being active on his social media and YouTube. However, one of his friends recently uploaded a video to the Rajveer Fitness Series channel where Rajveer’s parents discuss his case and arrest and assert that their son is innocent and will soon be released.

Rajveer Shishodia Net Worth Explored

Rajeev is a highly wealthy individual since he is a Bodu Builder, YouTuber, Influencer, Model, Actor, and Fitness Coach.

In addition to having a million YouTube subscribers who regularly watch his videos, Rajveer Shishodia also has a large following on Instagram.

According to research and estimates of his many sources of income, Rajveer Shishodia and his Rajveer Fitness Series have a combined net worth of approximately 1.5 crores.

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