Rafael Fiziev Religion, Ethnicity & Family Details
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Muslim mixed martial artist Rafael Fiziev previously competed for Kyrgyzstan in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

In 2015, the athlete made his MMA fighting debut. He has competed in the American promotion Titan FC as well as the South Korean promotion ROAD FC.

On April 20, 2019, Rafael Ataman faced off against Russian mixed martial artist Magomed Mustafaev in his UFC debut. He is presently ranked No. 10 among light heavyweights in the UFC.

Ataman has prevailed in 11 of his 12 MMA fights and 39 kickboxing contests throughout his professional career. He enthusiastically competed in the UFC for many years while wearing the Kyrgyzstani flag.

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What Is Rafael Fiziev Religion?

Shia Muslim MMA fighter Rafael shows the utmost regard for his faith and religion. After making his public statement, Fiziev took the Kyrgyzstani flag out of both his Instagram bio and the UFC introductions.

Rafael makes every effort to teach and promote awareness of Islamic principles. He frequently posts on Instagram about his workouts, battles, and inspirational Islamic sayings.

The UFC champion declared in 2021 that he will no longer represent Kyrgyzstan and that he also intends to leave the nation.

He shared a video on Instagram about how the muftiyat and other well-known citizens of the nation had been harassing him and his family nonstop. Discrimination towards Shia Muslims in the nation may be the cause of the abuse.

Rafael Fiziev Ethnicity Revealed

The well-known fighter Fiziev was born in Kazakhstan to an ethnically diverse household.

Rafael’s father was an Azerbaijani policeman who served in the combat division against drug trafficking. Fiziev was raised as a Kyrgyzstani citizen despite having a Russian mother.

The UFC fighter recently declared his collaboration with Sayed Hussain Makke, a prominent member of the community, and the Islamic Sciences to introduce herbal natural treatments for illness.

His business, Wilaya Wellness, sells multivitamins, oregano oil, black seed oil, and other products to promote health and immunity.

Rafael Fiziev Family Details

Rafael has always been close to his family and spends most of his leisure time with them.

When Fiziev was younger, his father and cousins gave him a pair of boxing gloves, which piqued his interest in fighting. When he was only 11, he began training in Muay Thai. He also trained in sambo, boxing, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu while he was growing up.

After completing the Kyrgyzstan Police Academy, the MMA fighter spent one month working as a police officer.

Fiziev trained with Phuket’s Top Team and Tiger Muay Thai while he lived in Phuket, Thailand. He presently works out at the Sanford MMA facility in Florida.

Rafael has two children and is currently married. He is extremely concerned about the safety and future of his family. He, therefore, makes an effort to keep family matters private whenever feasible.

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