Rachel Dratch Boyfriend John Wahl: When Did They Start Dating Each other?

Food consultant John Wahl is the boyfriend of Rachel Dratch. August 24, 2020, marked the birth of Dratch and Wahl’s first child.

After dating her partner for six months, the American actress discovered she was expecting. She had a son at 44, despite feeling unprepared for motherhood.

After appearing on the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, Dratch enjoyed professional success. Even her roles in Spring Breakdown, Click, The King of Queens, and Wine Country are well-known.

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Rachel and John Wahl’s Relationship In Detail

John Wahl, the director of national sales, is Rachel Dratch’s lover. John and Dratch attended the 2022 Tony Awards together.

Wahl received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Consumer Psychology and Economics from Northwood University. In 1991, he started working as a territory sales manager in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He was promoted to regional sales manager for the Midwest at Schwan’s Sales Enterprise in Rochester. He worked for the company for just one year, yet within that time, he helped to quadruple the cooperation sales.

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After that, he worked for PowerBar for three years in Berkeley, California, as the northwest regional sales manager.

He joined Boca Burger as the western division’s business development and sales manager. He managed 24 food brokers while serving as the chief manager.

He held the position of vice president and national sales manager at Odwalla. He recently worked at Mamma Chia, where he helps with lunch for the company.

When Did They Started To Date?

In 2010, after becoming pregnant with him, the actress revealed who her lover was. She wrote an entire chapter in her book, Girl Walks into a Bar, discussing their friendship.

In 2009, the couple began dating after encountering one other in a pub. It was a surprise when they unexpectedly had Benjamin.

As soon as his parents discovered that Dratch was pregnant, the consultant believed they would be devastated. It did, though, go backwards.

Concerns regarding their relationship plagued the actress’s family in this instance. As time passed, they grew eager for the arrival of the family’s first grandchild.

On June 12, 2022, they both made an appearance at the House of Suntory Host in New York City and attended the after-party at Pebble Bar.

The Summer Party on the High Line, presented by Coach Men’s Collection, was even followed by them. In MTC’s Ripcord per Boardway on October 20, 2015, John Wahl, the spouse of Rachel Dratch, joined Marylouise Burke & Holland Taylor Open.

Eli Benjamin, The Couple’s Son

Eli Benjamin, the couple’s son, was born on August 24, 2010. He is 12 years old at the moment. She finds motherhood difficult now that she is 40.

She wasn’t initially prepared to become a mother since she was letting go of the notion. But she decided to have him.

The comedian was greatly surprised when she disclosed the delivery process to People. She gave birth one month earlier than expected when she went for a routine checkup.

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To help his partner during her pregnancy, Wahl relocated to New York City. He said it was beautiful to be a part of the birth of his kid.

The couple gave him the name Benjamin in honour of her grandfather Benjamin. They both favoured the phrase, as well.

She frequently posted images of her kids having fun with their dog, swimming, and other activities on her Instagram.

Daniel Dratch Is A Writer

Siblings of Rachel Dratch Producer and author Daniel Dratch is a writer. With their parents both grew up in Lexington.

The Amateur Therapist grew up alongside her brother in Lexington, Massachusetts, the United States. They were born to Paul Dratch, a radiologist, and Elaine Ruth, a transportation director. These adhere to liberal Judaism.

Three years separate the ages of the two siblings. In contrast to his August 17, 1969, birthdate, she was born on February 22, 1966.

The actress’s younger brother, Daniel, was a television producer and writer. He is well-known for his work in Monk, Scorpion, and Anger Management.

In addition to The Man Show, he produced Monk, Breakout Kings, The Cleveland Show, and Anger Management.

In 1997, he made his writing debut on the HBO television program The Chris Rock Show, which led to a nomination for Outstanding writing for a variety, music, or comedy program in 2001.

He contributed to the TV show Crank Yankers from 2019 to 2021 and wrote 30 episodes. The author even performed as an actor in three different productions—A Walk in the Park, Scorpion, and Slice of Wife.

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