As R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned came to a close, Roy announced his intention to move in with Jeanne.

Hollywood action comedy Based on the Dark Horse Comics comic book series, R.I.P.D.2: Rise of the Damned is a Netflix original series.

A follow-up to “R.I.P.D.” from 2013, the movie is directed by Paul Leyden and stars Jeffrey Donovan, Penelope Mitchell, and Richard Brake.

The story takes place in 1876 and centres on Roycephus Pulsipher, a deceased sheriff who becomes an agent for the Rest in Peace Department.

When they learned that a doorway separating Hell and Earth had been breached, Roy and his partner Jeanne set out to fix the anomaly.

They don’t know that the boundary breach was done on purpose by the wrong person or group and wasn’t an accident. What you need to know about the “R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned’s” conclusion is provided below.

R.I.P.D. 2 Ending Explained: What Happened to Roy in the Sequel?
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R.I.P.D. 2 Ending Explained: What Happened to Roy in the Sequel?

After “R.I.P.D.2: Rise of the Damned,” Roy knows he cannot be with his daughter on Earth. He can attempt to explain things to his kid, but she won’t get it.

She also demonstrates to him that they are currently in separate human bodies. It will be harder for them because they are in the bodies of two bounty hunters.

In Red Creek, Utah, an unexplained event occurs at the film’s beginning. The unidentified man is excavating in a mine in search of gold.

But because of the unintended destruction of the Earth, a terrible spirit can manifest and seize control of the individual. The sheriff of Horseshoe, Wyoming, Roy, goes to the station a month later to pick up his daughter and her fiancé.

The Samuels, a group of bandits, started attacking the locals right away. As the sheriff eliminates one robber at a time, he is shot from behind.

The sheriff learns he will join the Rest in Peace Department after being shown to an office hereafter (R.I.P.D.). He must bring back the dead who have escaped judgment and are now wandering the Earth.

The prior land thief is the subject of a fresh inquiry by the sheriff. The major, Otis Claiborne, turns out to be a wall dividing Hell and Earth.

To accomplish this, Roy departs for Earth and meets Jeanne, a department colleague. After learning that his daughter’s fiancé was also killed in the bandit attack, he pledges to battle the robbers, and the story continues.

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Jeanne had asked him to leave the Samuel brothers alone to focus on his assignment, but he went out to find them. After seeing them and understanding that they are dead people with evil spirits residing in them, he engages in combat with them.

In addition, they weren’t out to rob anybody; instead, they were there to kidnap people for Otis Claiborne and take them to Red Creek. There is also the location of the ruptured gateway.

After this trial, Slim, one of the Samuels, will be returned to the R.I.P.D. by Roy and Jeanne. Samuel denies the assertion made on one of the bills that Roy also finds Slim shot the man.

At Red Creek, Roy and Jeanne discover that Otis is pressuring residents to continue digging until the barrier is broken, at which point all cursed souls will emerge from the Underworld and establish Hell and Earth.

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