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The morning drive time slot at WABC in New York City is also co-hosted by American radio host Bernard J. McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg.

Has he been diagnosed with prostate cancer? Here is every aspect of his health.

Bernard McGuirk is “Imus in the Morningexecutive “‘s producer and radio broadcaster.

Previously employed by Citadel Broadcasting, the radio host is a well-known public figure from New York who is most known for his appearances on the morning drive time with Sid Rosenberg at WABC in NYC.

Bernard has served as a production team member for Imus in the Morning since 1987. He started off working as a cab driver when he was a young man and still in his youth.

Some Facts About Him:

Full nameBernard J. McGuirk
Date of birthOctober 26, 1957
Age65 years old
No. of children2

Prostate Cancer: Bernard McGuirk Illness, What Happened To Him?

Bernard McGuirk made his prostate cancer diagnosis public in the year 2021. Many of his followers and friends extended their best wishes for a quick and healthy recovery after hearing about his deteriorating health difficulties.

On December 20, 2021, he posted an image of himself resting in a hospital bed. He also included a message urging people to arrange prostate exams and colonoscopies as soon as possible.

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The radio personality also forewarned people against following in his footsteps because the stakes are ten times higher now.

A week ago, on August 22, Bernard’s appendix ruptured as a result of protracted chemotherapy for prostate cancer. According to Facebook, he is still alive but is in excruciating pain.

Bernard McGuirk’s Prostate Cancer: Where Is He Now?

Bernard McGuirk may be hospitalized right now.

A celebrity’s appendix rupture was recently made public by a number of people on social media. This clearly indicates that McGuirk is now being treated at a hospital and is probably taking better care of his health while being monitored by a medical professional.

Online, though, there is no information on either his exact location or the hospital where he was admitted and is still being treated.

Right now, Bernard Mcguirk is in great health. He works for the Fox Network and WABC organizations.

There is no evidence to justify his physical condition. However, following the death of his close friend Don Imus, many people started to worry about his health.

Bernard McGuirk Net Worth: How Much Does He Earns?

Due to his wildly prosperous career, Bernard McGuirk has a significant net worth.

His excellent $500k income is proof of his achievement in his line of work. His exceptional success has increased his net worth by $3 million.

Bernard McGuirk broadcast a program named WABC in New York as a part of the ABC Radio Network. On Jay Severin’s radio show that same year, he appeared as a guest. Additionally, he was involved in some controversy that year.

A basketball-related event resulted in him losing his job. The Rutgers University women’s basketball team was described as “tough chicks with tattoos” by Don Imus during a discussion about the group. McGuirk responded by calling them “hardcore hos” after that.

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