Pom Klementieff Parents, Siblings And Family Life Revealed

Pom Klementieff’s parents are Yu Ri Park and Alexis Klementieff. Her father worked for the government, while her mother was a stay-at-home mom.

The actress began her career with the French movie After Him. She did not, however, gain any notoriety after the movie.

She then moved to Hollywood in 2013 and made an appearance in the movie Old Boy.

Back then, she was still largely unknown by her birth name. But nowadays, if she is named as the actress who plays Mantis in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is uncommon for anyone to fail to recognize her.

In Marvel movies like Thor: Love and Thunder, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Avengers: Infinity War, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the actress has made appearances.

Her character Manti has never known anything like the fame and success that have come with her extraordinary achievement.

Pom Klementieff
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Pom Klementieff Parents

The father of Pom Klementiff is Alexis Klementiff. He was originally a consul for the French government.

Her father was always fixated on Asian ladies. His father is the Russian painter Eugene Klementieff.

While roaming the streets of Seoul, Alexis once ran into Yu Ri Park, the mother of his kids. His life’s passion is Yu Ri Park. Soon after being engaged, the couple began living happily.

As the government’s consul, he was required to visit various countries frequently. He worked for the government while doing so in the Ivory Coast, Japan, and Canada.

The actress, however, has little memories of her father because he died from cancer while she was still a young girl.

He was separated from his family after losing his fight with intestinal cancer.

That terrible thing that happened to her family ruined her family’s foundation. Because of her schizophrenia, the actress’s mother struggled to cope with her father’s passing.

She was unable to take care of herself, let alone her kids.

Pom and her brother Namou made the decision to relocate to France to live with Pom’s paternal uncle and his family.

Pom Klementieff Family Life Revealed

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Pom Klementieff’s mother gave her the name Pom. Both spring and tiger are both translated as “pom” in Korean.

Because the French word “Pomme” means “apple,” the actress was given that name. The phrase, which also sounded like it might have come from a Pom, represented the actress as an apple, resulting from her parents’ union.

She was born in Canada, but since children of diplomats are not eligible for citizenship, she was not a citizen.

After living in Canada for a year, where they stayed for three years, her family moved to Japan.

She had gone to classes in Japan while traveling. But once her father went away, she and her brother moved to France to live with her uncle.

Many people might need to be made aware of the fact that the actress is also the granddaughter of famed Russian painter Eugene Klementieff.

Siblings Of Pom Klementieff

Namou is the only brother of Klementieff. He was three years the actress’ junior.

The actress and her brother have been close since they were little because of their small age difference.

When their father died, their mother was unable to care for the children. They formerly protected one another from harm.

She was so little that the only person she could turn to for help was her brother.

He traveled with her to France to stay at the home of her paternal uncle. Her brother and the family of her paternal uncle raised her.

Pom Had Tragic Life

When she was five years old, the model was forced to live with her paternal uncle in France. Even though they were new occupants of the property, they felt right at home because of all the assistance his uncle’s family provided.

The actress herself held her aunts and uncles in high regard. Her uncle served as the father figure in her life.

Even though he was unable to replace the void created by her father’s absence, her uncle assumed the role of a father figure and treated her with the same level of affection that a father would for his daughter.

But the tragedy would always be a part of her family. On the day of her sixteenth birthday party, her uncle passed away unexpectedly, further shattering her already fragile heart.

Life continues despite all of the sadness. The actress went to law school for two months in order to appease her aunt, but she left when she realized it wasn’t for her.

She then worked as a waiter and a salesperson for a while in France.

When she was 19, she decided to pursue her passion for acting and enrolled at the Cours Florent theatrical school.

She later took first place in a theater contest, winning two years of complimentary instruction from the top faculty members at the school. She was delighted and appreciative of the opportunity.

On the day of her 25th birthday, her brother Namou went away, causing her once more to experience familial grief.

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