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In the new Netflix series Pirate Riches of Adak Island, where treasure hunters risk their lives to look for gold stashed by pirates more than a century ago, Jay Toomoth is one of the cast members.

The program, which will debut on June 29, has attracted quite a bit of fan interest. The mayor of the isolated Island of Adak decided to find the allegedly hidden gold on the Island to aid the Island, which was suffering from a severe economic crisis.

Let’s find out more about the treasure hunter Jay Toomoth, who is a member of an expert team looking for stolen gold: his age, wife, Wikipedia background, and Instagram.

Pirate Gold of Adak Island: Jay Toomoth Age

Jay Toomoth appears to be in his late 40s based on his appearance. There isn’t much information available about the actor’s age because the Pirate Gold of Adak Island cast hasn’t been extremely active on social media.

The reality TV star appears to have three adult daughters, two of whom have their own families and the third of whom recently got married, based on the few images of him posted on his social media accounts.

Does Jay Toomoth Have A Wife? Relationship Status Revealed

Yes, Ali Toomoth is Jay Toomoth’s wife, and the two have been together for a while. The couple has three beautiful daughters who are all in love marriages.

Jay Toomoth and his wife, Ali Toomoth

Jay is not as active on social media, but his wife is on Facebook and frequently posts pictures of her and her devoted husband. The two adore taking trips and are frequently photographed doing so while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

On her Facebook, Ali Toomoth even posted a photo of the family enjoying the fun at the beach.

Jay Toomoth Wikipedia Bio

Since Jay Toomoth has only recently begun to appear on television, there isn’t currently a Wikipedia entry about him.

The reality TV personality is a cast member of the Netflix original series Pirate Gold of Adak Island, in which a group of expert treasure seekers searches for the gold on the Adak Island. It is a profession worth risking their lives since, in 1892, a pirate buried almost $300,000,000 in gold.

Jay Toomoth joins with a group of other expert treasure hunters to find the Island’s hidden pirate wealth. The search, meanwhile, has a twist because of the abundance of World War II unexploded bombs on Adak Island.

Jay Toomoth Instagram

You may find Jay Toomoth on Instagram by searching for @jaytoomoth. On the treasure hunter’s Instagram, there are some bizarre scenes.

We anticipate seeing more of the amazing new locations the treasure hunter discovers each time he goes in search of treasure now that the miner is finally on Instagram.

jay to 1
Jay Toomoth and his family at the beach

According to his Instagram bio, he is a treasure seeker, voice actor, miner, content developer, designer, drone operator, and business owner.

He has only recently started using the platform, so he currently only has two posts and 44 followers. But as soon as he appears on the new Netflix series, it will go viral.

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