Major Pink Sauce Recipe From TikTok: 'Pitaya and Himalayan Salt' Taste Trend And Controversy Explained
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Everyone is raving about the dip after discovering Tiktok’s original “Pitaya and Himalayan Salt” pink sauce recipe. But, what flavour does it have? Read this article to learn more.

It’s a sauce, it’s pink, it’s sweet, and it’s savoury! Yes, we share your amazement. Why is pink dipping sauce possible?

The Internet is awash in discussion over the new pink sauce. Not just for its flavour or appearance but also its well-kept secret.

 Major Pink Sauce Recipe From TikTok: What Is Pitaya and Himalayan Salt?

Pitaya and Himalayan salt are the essential ingredients in a popular pink sauce recipe in Tiktok.

Chef Pii, also known as Flavor Genie, invented the pink sauce mixture in the beginning. The sauce’s name is derived from its actual hue, which is pink—a very distinctive sauce colour.

The ingredients for the Pink sauce recipe are listed on the Pink Sauce website as raw honey, vinegar, garlic, chile, pitaya, and Himalayan salt.

Pitaya may be unfamiliar to you. It just refers to the exotic dragon fruit by a different name. It is also the primary component that gives the sauce its pink colour.

Customers have characterized the flavour as “sweet and savoury” in combination. However, without really tasting the sauce, it isn’t easy to describe how it tastes.

The sauce that purports to be “the acclaimed dipping sauce that everyone is raving about” is in high demand. Unfortunately, the sauce has a 20 USD price tag with additional shipping costs on its website.

Pink Sauce Recipe Taste And TikTok Trend Explained

Pink Sauce has created a craze on Tiktok due to fan demand for the sauce’s recipe. As of the sources, there have been over 62.2 million views of the #pinksauce.”

Most Tiktokers create videos criticizing the content of other people’s videos. For example, TikToker @trentonsrewart bought the pink sauce due to demand. He described the sauce’s fragrance as “Ranch,” even though the taste was “a bit different than ranch.”

Image Source: Twitter

“Imagine if you added something sweet and spicy after a milder ranch was applied. Now I’m done! That is the pink sauce. If you don’t like ranch, you won’t like the sauce “He added.

The pink sauce has received reviews from other users alongside actual meals like KFC, barbecues, and noodles. Some people are currently making their versions of the recipe.

However, deep diving into the pink sauce has sparked controversy regarding its safety.

TikTok Major Pink Sauce Controversy

Pink sauce’s quality control is now being questioned as quickly as it gained notoriety.

Trenton Stewart noted that the tiny container was marked with a total of 444 servings and a serving size of 14.4 grams. This gives a highly erroneous estimate of the bottle’s total weight of 6400 grams or 6.4 kg.

Later, Chef Pii apologized for the oversight and said it had been corrected. Additionally, she has promised to give each buyer a present as an expression of her regret along with a thank you message.

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