Petrie Hosken is one of the hosts of the TalkTV program, which started on April 25, 2022.

The presenter has returned to TV reporting with the show TalkTV after a two-year hiatus.

The launch of the program was surrounded by controversy due to English broadcaster Piers Morgan, one of the driving forces behind TalkTV.

Previously, Petrie worked for the BBC for three and a half years. In addition, she had previously worked for SSVC and had been present during the Bosnian War.

Fans of Hosken had been waiting all year for her comeback, and now that she is back, she has already covered a lot of surprising news.

Petrie Hosken
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To learn more about Petrie Hosken’s Wikipedia, illness, family, and earnings, continue reading the article below.

Petrie Hosken Petrie Hosken Bio And Wikipedia Details

The British television personality Petrie Hosken is one of the TalkTV hosts. The show, which divisive journalist Piers Morgan launched in April of this year.

The TalkTV reporter came from a family with a media background. While her father presented for the BBC, her mother stayed at home.

Petrie’s parents divorced when she was four years old. Since then, the presenter has only had weekend visits from her father, who would take her to the studios to witness his work.

Petrie intended to go to college to pursue a degree in photography and fine arts, but the presenter got the acting bug instead.

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Following her unsuccessful acting audition, Petrie discovered a job listing for a news editor for the company SSVC in the newspaper. Petrie had never edited news in her entire life, mind you.

Hosken persisted in showing up for the interview, and the interviewer informed her that the company had made her an offer to work as a continuity announcer because they “loved her voice and daring.”

Petrie continued working at LBC for four more years before leaving in 2016. After that, the talented presenter joined BBC Radio London, continuing her father’s career.

Hosken worked at BBC for three and a half years until deciding to depart on July 2, 2020. And after a notable two-year hiatus, Petrie is back on TalkTV.

Illness Of Petrie Hosken

According to some, a medical ailment may have been the reason for Petrie Hosken’s two-year vacation from her presenting duties.

However, Petrie asserted in the tweet she sent to BBC to announce her resignation that she was only taking a break from her job because she was tired of waking up at 2 AM every day.

Many of her fans flooded her comment section after hearing about her resignation from BBC, calling the network crazy for letting her go.

Many people anticipated that the reporter would appear on other television networks, but Hosken calmly waited two years before returning.

Petrie did make a few brief appearances on GBN Topics last year to discuss politics before making a full-time comeback this year.

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What Is Petrie Hosken Age?

At this time, the TalkTv reporter is in her early fifties. However, September 17 will soon mark Hosken’s birthday.

From an early age, Petrie was drawn to her father, John Hosken’s position at the BBC. As a young girl, Petrie visited the BBC studio to see her father at work.

Her two brothers, James and Andrew Hosken, assisted in raising her. Her brother Andrew also works in journalism and the media as a writer for the Guardian and a former BBC correspondent.

The reporter had previously tweeted her admiration for James, a British army soldier with a beautiful daughter.

Petrie Hosken Husband And Children

Petrie Hosken has refrained from letting the world know about her personal life. Although it’s possible that the former BBC broadcaster meant it as a joke, she previously tweeted that she was single.

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However, there is Richard Hobday, a son of Petrie, who has already completed his higher studies.

Hosken also has a family dog, which she adores and frequently features in her Twitter updates.

Petrie Hosken Net Worth And Salary

Since she has been a presenter for the previous ten years, Petries Hosken has accumulated a net worth of around $200,000 as of 2022.

Petrie earns $62,000 yearly as a newscaster for TalkTV, which has drawn much notice since Piers Morgan first introduced it.

The amount of £50 million that Piers got over three years to launch the TalkTV show was made public. Given her correspondent’s large income, even the other reporters on the roaster need to be satisfied.

Petrie also published her book Gastronomical Guide to Fabulous Food similarly. It cost $29 on Amazon in 2014.

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