Peter Fornetti And Laginas Relationship: His Father And Mother Details Revealed

Throughout Oak Island on the History Channel series, Peter Fornetti has been shown to be the Laginas’ nephew. Laginas, younger sister Teresa, gave birth to Peter.

In his hometown, he attended Kingsford High School. His parents were there to see him graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Marquette University.

Following that, he attended West Virginia University and earned his master’s degree. His current line of work is as a mental health counselor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The psychological divisions of Prometheus Entertainment and Open Minds were both under his supervision.

Also, he has worked as a teacher, a career counselor, a mental health practitioner in the school setting, and a counseling intern.

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Relationship Of Peter Fornetti And The Laginas

Rick and Marty Lagina’s nephew Peter Fornetti. Teresa, the younger sister of Rick and Marty, gave birth to Peter.

His two sisters, Terese and Marianne, were part of Rick and Marty’s upbringing. Fornetti is related to the treasure seekers through his mother’s younger sister.

Yet, he doesn’t have his father’s last name; instead, he adopted a new one. He was the only sibling who took an interest in his uncles’ hobby of treasure-seeking.

When they saw their nephew, who was only a child, on TV, everyone was proud of him. Many people assumed he was on the show because his uncle was Laginas before they discovered their connection.

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They compared him to his family and stated he never accomplished anything throughout his time on Oak Island.

Yet, he spent two years working alongside his father at The John Fornetti Center as a hygiene assistant when he was quite young.

The college preparedness instructor later appeared on the program as an assistant producer in the third season of The Curse of Oak Island. He had a productive career early on, contributing to 70 episodes.

He gains experience in a wide range of fields while working in the entertainment industry. The 2020 episode “The Curse of Oak Island: Digging Down” included him as an assistant producer.

Parents Of Peter

The treasure seeker’s parents, Terese and John Fornetti, are wonderful people. He was one of four children; his older siblings were David and Daniel, and his younger sister was Julia.

Peter’s Mother, Terese Fornetti

Terese, Peter Fornetti’s mother, is a brother-in-law to Lagina’s family. She spent her formative years on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with them, during which time she learned of their early treasure-hunting obsession.

Marianne is the eldest of the Lagina children, and there is one younger than her, too. Terese went to Kingsford High School with her brother and sisters and then attended Marquette University, where her son earned his degree.

She often updates her social media profile, where she just shared photos of her son’s graduation.
She also regularly boasted about her brother’s successes on social media.

The recent Marquette University grad and her sister, Maryann Gardner, have wonderful brothers, for which they are very grateful. Rick and Marty began their journey at an early age.

She said that even the Christmas presents were exciting since they were all new experiences. She could see the kid in her brothers while they were having fun, so she watched them with delight.

Peter’s Father, Dr. John Fornetti

Peter’s dad, Dr. John Fornetti, has been practicing dentistry since 1983. His father graduated from dentistry school in 1944. Therefore, he decided to follow in his footsteps.

After finishing his residency, he returned to his house to start a family with his three boys and one daughter.

Peter and Dan Fornetti, his sons, carry on the family business and continue to practice dentistry in their family practice. His children both attended Marquette University School and graduated.

However, they each went in a separate direction. After spending some time in St. Louis, he went home and began to work on his skills with his kid.

He is devoted to his family and enjoys spending time with his wife, Emma Ann, their children, George Henry and Catherine Elizabeth, and his grandkids.

Peter In The Reality TV Series The Curse Of Oak Island

In 2015, Peter was featured in the History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island. He got his start in the industry working as an assistant to Jack Begley, another prominent producer.

He even collaborated with the show’s executive producer, Kevin Burns. In 2014, American production firm Prometheus Entertainment contacted him after seeing his potential.

Hence, he became an assistant producer on the crew. He is impact as the show’s mental health counselor prompted viewers to wonder if he had participated in any charitable work.

According to the show’s producers, he has replaced Alex Lagina. From 2020 to 2021, his brother David served as the show’s producer, and David himself made an appearance in 2022.

Because the fans never saw the two brothers together, they were convinced they were the same. Several people thought they had picked David to replace Peter. A four-year hiatus from the production line led to his eventual return with season 8.

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