Peter Dutton Bald: Does He Have Cancer or Alopecia? Find His Wife And Net Worth Details

Australian politician Peter Dutton has served as the Liberal Party’s leader since May 2022.

Since 2001, Dutton has represented Dickson in the Queensland House of Representatives as a minister in the Howard, Abbott, Turnbull, and Morrison administrations.

After the 2004 election, Peter was named Minister for Employment Participation. In January 2006, he was elevated to Assistant Treasurer under Peter Costello.

After the Liberal-National Coalition’s defeat in the 2007 election, he was chosen to serve as the Shadow Minister for Health in the Shadow Cabinet.

He would spend the ensuing six years in this capacity. After the Coalition won the 2013 election, Dutton was appointed the Minister of Health and Sport.

Peter was allowed to lead Operation Sovereign Borders after becoming Minister for Immigration and Border Protection in December 2014.

Peter Dutton Bald: Does He Have Cancer or Alopecia? Find His Wife And Net Worth Details
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Peter Dutton Bald: Does He Have Cancer or Alopecia?

Peter Dutton is recognized for his recognizable bald appearance. It gradually started to distinguish him.

Peter has acknowledged that a rare skin ailment causes his hair loss and that he is not “bald by choice.” Instead, he was diagnosed with “alopecia totalis,” a mystery skin ailment that left him bald.

He disclosed the details after Labor MP Tanya Plibersek compared him to Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. She later admitted she was wrong, and he accepted her apology.

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Peter was also identified as having alopecia when the skin follicles effectively fall out. Just hair loss, nothing terrible about it.

When his teenage sons criticize him for going bald, he responds by saying that they might share certain hereditary features with them and that he had more hair than they had at age 16. He jokingly said that his “head’s meant for radio.”

Who Is Peter Dutton’s Wife?

Peter Dutton married his first wife when he was 22, but the union was short-lived.

His daughter, his oldest kid, was born to another partner in 2002 and was reared in a shared parenting environment. Following that, Dutton married Kirilly (formerly Brumby), his second wife, in 2003. Kirilly and Dutton met through a familiar friend and then began dating.

When the two first met, the diligent Kirilly worked 14-hour days as Sarina Russo’s assistant and had little time for a social life. Later, she began working as a temporary nanny. Politics sparked Peter and Kirilly’s romance. In the end, Kirilly was won over by his charm and intrigue.

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She asserts that he is a wonderful father and that the kids adore him. She has since built a successful childcare business. She currently owns Bald Hills Childcare and Camelia Avenue Childcare Center. The adorable couple is parents to two children.

After graduating, Dutton spent more than ten years serving as a police officer with the Queensland Police in Brisbane, where he was born and bred.

Then, he and his father shared ownership of a construction company. Peter made his COVID-19 diagnosis public on March 13, 2020, making him one of the pandemic’s first well-known cases in Australia.

Peter Dutton’s Net Worth Explored

According to Depth Bio, Peter Dutton has a $5 million estimated net worth.

He has amassed considerable riches through his involvement in politics, investments, and private business. He was 30 years old and a new member of the Liberal Party at the time of the 2001 election.

Peter now heads the “National Right” wing of the Liberal Party. He is categorized as a right-wing populist who opposes an Australian republic.

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However, Dutton acknowledged to Sky News in December 2018 that he has considered parliament a disadvantage for current administrations for the previous seventeen years.

Peter and his wife run a thriving daycare centre in addition to owning six beautiful buildings, one of which is a shopping complex in Townsville.

In February 2021, the couple sold their holiday home in Gold Coast’s “Millionaire’s Row” for $6 million.

Meet Peter Dutton On Social Media

Peter Dutton is active on Instagram under the username @peterduttonmp, where he has gained 12.1k followers.

The politician is also on Twitter under the username @PeterDutton_MP, which he joined in February 2009 and has gained 130.9k followers.

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