Peter Cancro Net Worth And Family: 5 Facts To Know About The CEO Of Jersey Mike’s Subs

Peter Cancro entered the workforce at a young age, and now, after more than 50 years of perseverance and dedication, he is living his best life!

Peter described his progression from a Jersey Mike’s employee to eventual owner. His contribution to the American submarine sandwich’s invention has earned him widespread acclaim.

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To learn about the 5 Facts To Know About The CEO Of Jersey Mike’s Subs, continue reading the article.

Peter Cancro Net Worth: How Rich Is Peter Cancro?

An American businessman named Peter Cancro currently has a net worth of more than $400 million USD. Jersey There are roughly 1500 Mike’s Subs locations in the US.

Cancro and his wife Tatiana own a four-bedroom condo on East 68th Street and have $15.68 million in assets and income.

Cancro used the funds to pay the $125,000 purchase price for the ownership. He remembered himself as a 17-year-old businessman walking down the high school hallway.

Cancro will see an increase in revenue as long as Jersey Mike’s is open for business. We appear to have a protracted journey ahead of us. $400 million might just be a passing trend in a few years.

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Jersey Mike’s provides $5 to $7 million to a local charity every March. Because it’s what he lives for, he thinks it’s one of the main reasons Jersey Mike’s keeps growing and improving.

Peter observed customers arriving at the end of the summer to have a number of large subs wrapped for delivery to homes across the country. He recognized the growth potential of the jersey.

Mike’s knowledge and Peter’s expertise began franchising in 1987. In an effort to preserve the authenticity of the original store, he changed the name of Jersey Subs.

Details On Peter Cancro Family

Peter Cancro married Linda shortly after purchasing Mike’s, and he was just 17 years old. It was the girl from Peter’s youth whom he planned to marry as soon as he received his high school graduation.

In order to highlight the chain’s New Jersey seaside roots, he and his wife Linda expanded their business and changed its name to Jersey Mike’s Subs.

Peter Cancro and Linda Cancro were wed for a short time starting in 1974 before becoming divorced. Robert Cancro and Caroline Cancro are the names of their sons.

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Peter Cancro stayed dedicated to finding love despite the fact that his first marriage ended in divorce. Peter eventually got married again after that!

He is presently wed to Tatiana Voevodina Cancro, who was Peter Cancro’s second wife. Although the precise date is uncertain, Peter Cancro and his fiancée Tatiana exchanged vows in February 2014.

Tatiana married again, just like Peter did. From a prior union with another man, Tatiana had a grown son. Between Peter Cancro and his present spouse, there are no kids!

5 Facts To Know About The CEO Of Jersey Mike’s Subs

1. Jersey Mike Has Been The Nation’s Fastest-rowing Restaurant Chain For Three Years In A Row

That year, California had 200 outlets, demonstrating how successfully the distinctive East Coast flavor profile was communicated and spread.

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The company’s size has more than doubled, with 197 new locations inaugurated in 2015 and 500 more stores now under construction.

As of 2018, Jersey Mike’s operates 1400 locations across 45 states and generates $1 billion in revenue annually.

2. Over 2 Million Free Sub Sandwiches Have Been Distributed By Jersey Mike’s In Support Of Various Causes

The company’s mission, which has always functioned as the organization’s mission statement, is “providing makes a difference in a person’s life.”

A sub fundraiser was sponsored by Jersey Mike’s this year, raising $361,533 for food banks in the regions affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

Additionally, employees, managers, and owners of adjacent businesses cooked hundreds of sub sandwiches to be given to emergency personnel, the EMS, firefighters, and anybody else in need.

3. In The “Dinero” Music Video, Jennifer Lopez Is Seen Holding A Sandwich From Jersey Mike’s

The 2018 music video was made entirely in black and white by Joseph Kahn. Lopez was carrying a Jersey Mike’s sandwich and donning jewelry from Tiffany & Co. valued at $4.5 million.

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J.Lo is pictured enjoying a Jersey Mike’s sub while lounging on a staircase and looking lovely for the evening.

Despite the fact that it seemed like just Jersey Mike’s was aware of the sub the woman had ordered, social media certainly took an interest in it.

4. Peter Cancro Says, “Giving To Give Is The Finest Marketing”

Every year on the final Wednesday of March, Jersey Mike’s hosts a “Day of Giving” where the eatery contributes every penny of its sales to a neighborhood charity.

At the conclusion of the day, $5 to $7 million will be distributed to organizations, institutions, and medical initiatives all around the country.

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Cancro remembered a time when one of his role models, Bob Hoffman, an 85-year-old proprietor of an ice cream shop, dropped by his shop and put a “Congrats, Peter” ice cream cake on the counter.

5. Jersey Mike Has Collected More Than $28 Million For Charity Since 2010

In 2022, Jersey Mike’s raised more than $6 million for more than 170 charities across the country. 1,360 Jersey Mike’s stores participated in the promotion this year.

According to Jersey Mike’s CEO Peter Cancro, the 8th Annual Month of Giving was the most successful one yet because of the cooperation of “wonderful customers, workers, franchise owners, and charity partners.”

Cancro expressed his gratitude to Bob Hoffman of Hoffman’s Ice Cream and Jack Baker of Baker’s Lobster Shanty for teaching him the value of giving selflessly to the Point Pleasant Beach community. Cancro was brought up there and has continued the concept of unrestricted philanthropy ever since.

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