American rapper Perkio is well-off but hasn’t yet crossed the million-dollar threshold.

Popular American social media user Perkio, commonly known online as Shmurkioo, has been compared to rapper Lil Durk.

Due to how identical they look, the two can con even the most Lil Durk fans. In reality, as part of a YouTube joke, Perkio deceived an entire mall in Broward County, Florida, on April 7, 2022.

Shoppers came over to the impostor and started speaking to him in the rapper’s trademark phrases as soon as the man wearing the distinctive blue puffer jacket and helmet entered the mall.

Perkio benefits from appearing like Lil Durk because fans follow him everywhere he goes, despite the fact that his adversary also seems to be paying notice.

The Focus reports that Perkio was ambushed by fellow rapper 6ix9ine while en route to a shoot with a youtube group. There is a lengthy history of hostility between Durk and 6ix9ine.

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To learn about his Earnings, Net Worth, Age, Real Name, and Partner And Tweet to Kodakblack, continue reading the article.

Earnings And Net Worth Of Perkio

Wali Kali places Perkio’s total value at $500,000. On social media, he is well-known for his rapping. The well-known online personality, who remarkably resembles the well-known rapper Lil Durk, is pursuing a lucrative rapping career.

Lil Durk and Perkio collaborated on a music video and shared the stage. He recently made an appearance with the rapper at a Lil Durk concert in Miami. In the music video for the rapper’s song, he appeared in the same frame as the rapper.

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The doppelganger is also very appealing to YouTubers who want to cooperate with Lil Durk but are unable to convince the rapper to do so. He usually performs with well-known producers like King Cid on YouTube.

Additionally, King is the first YouTuber to trick a sizable crowd by having him parade through a crowded mall. A group has been formed by Drake’s double and Lil Durk’s impersonator. The two have developed successful careers as online personas as a result of their likeness to well-known celebrities in terms of appearance.

They routinely collaborate on films and are frequently spotted in Miami nightclubs. Perkio has 363k followers on Instagram and uses the user name @darealperkioo. He is also well-known on TikTok, where his account, @darealperkioo, has more than 689k subscribers.

What Is Perkio Real Name? His Age

Perkio, a citizen of Florida who is 23 years old, was born in Miami in 1999. Because he doesn’t post images or videos of his birthday party on social media, the doppelganger hasn’t yet revealed his real birthday.

He was born in Miami, Florida, where he frequently frequents nightclubs, according to Famous Birthdays. He can be a local who has established a prosperous life there.

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Since Perkio only recently became well-known on social media and the internet in April 2022, not much is known about his formative years.

There isn’t a lot of information online concerning the lookalike’s past or personal life as of right now, but as time goes on, more information may eventually come to light.

He has also never posted any information online regarding his parents or siblings. Perkio only goes by his online moniker because his real identity is concealed from his fans and followers.

Details On Perkio Partner: Tweet to Kodakblack Explained

Because of his response to Kodakblack’s remark during her Instagram live, Perkio has given the idea to his followers that he is dating GloRilla. GloRilla, Perkio, and Kodakblack have been the subject of recent Twitter controversies.

Kodakblack responded to the Memphis rapper when she tried to flirt with her during her Instagram live video by saying, “You obviously aren’t my lady today, which is why I like tomorrow, which is when everything started.”

The rapper’s Instagram live remark was quickly screenshotted and screen recorded by fans. Anger on the internet grew as GloRilla and Kodakblack declined to address Perkio’s claim that the content belonged to him in response to Kodak’s tweet.

Given that neither GloRilla nor Perkio has ever made their relationship known online, it is highly improbable that they are dating.

The artist hasn’t disclosed any relationships online either, despite Nextau’s claims that she’s dated a lot of renowned people in the past.

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