Paul Dear Obituary And Death Cause: Did He Have Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms?
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Hawthorne great Paul Dear went away at age 55. Learn about his death cause in detail from this article.

The 1991 championship game’s Norm Smith Medalist had been battling pancreatic cancer for two years. Hawthorn issued a formal statement last weekend verifying the reports.

The notice read, “Hawthorn Football Club is profoundly saddened to learn of the demise of premiership player Paul Dear.”

Paul’s family and friends are sent a message from the club expressing their sorrow.

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Paul Dear Death Cause And Obituary

Paul, who had battled pancreatic cancer for two years, succumbed to it in 2020 despite receiving a diagnosis.

He passed just a week before the Hawthorns played in the Dare Hope charity game, which was played to raise money for the Dear Charity Foundation.

A former player who had played for the Hawthorns in the Australian Football League broke the awful news from the world of Australian football.

The player’s name is Paul Dear, and the news of his loss devastated the player’s fans and his family. Anyone following Australian football is sure to be familiar with or have heard of his name.

How Did Paul Dear Die? His Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

According to the official accounts, Paul battled pancreatic cancer for several years before succumbing to it.

Paul made his debut in 1987. Also, the year he participated in the championship game. He filled in for Jason, who wasn’t around at the time.

He was given the emergency title when he could not breach the side between 1988 and 1989.

In 1990, he could finally participate in 23 games as a regular player. From there, he never stopped and maintained his excellent performance the following year.

He once took a 10-point lead all by himself, and it appeared like nobody would be able to stop his outstanding performance.

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Paul Dear Obituary And Death Cause: Did He Had Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms?

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