Would You Call Patty Mayo a Real COP? It’s false that Patty Mayo serves as a police officer or a bounty hunter. Patty is a video producer and uploader who uses the platform YouTube.

He is a businessman from the United States, and he became famous in 2017 for his show about bounty hunters called Southland Bounty Hunters.

The audience was led to believe that he was a bounty hunter whose work would include the capture of “fugitives from justice” or recovering bail bondsman collateral.

More than 340k people follow him on Instagram, and he has 10.4 million subscribers on YouTube. In all likelihood, he has a vast online following.

Many have questioned Mayo’s authenticity as a bounty hunter because of the success of “Southland Bounty Hunters” and the film’s realism.

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Patty Mayo Isn’t A Police Officer

She is not affiliated with any Oregon law enforcement agency, and Patty Mayo is not a police officer. Patty, who wears a sheriff’s badge and uniform in his movies, is a character.

His success with the Bounty Hunter books catapulted him to fame. The entire series is written, but his videos don’t include disclaimers or film credits.

His initial appearance in California was as a bounty hunter, and he eventually became a sheriff’s deputy there.

He seems to be armed with a handgun and a Taser and is driving an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens in the footage.

Mayo and his film team use the fictional Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office (DBSO) as a cover while filming in Oregon’s Deschutes Country.

Many viewers, however, discuss the movies as if the events shown were actual, and there is no disclaimer to the effect.

Although he never intended to seem like a real bounty hunter, the YouTuber constantly cooperates with authorities.

Sheriffs in Oregon claim that Mayo is only an actress who dresses up in costumes. His films always feature professional actors and crew members.

Mayo was greeted by representatives from the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, who warned him that filming his movies in public spaces requires extensive planning, including acquiring permits and closing roads.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office is concerned and has asked him and other performers to refrain from going out in public while dressed as their characters.

He accomplished so by placing adverts on YouTube, but honest police officers can’t. In addition, he encourages people to buy things like outfits, patches, hats, bags, and wallets.

Is Patty Mayo A Real Bounty Hunter?

A “bounty hunter” is an individual whose job is to locate and apprehend wanted criminals who have failed to appear in court after being released on bail.

Most bounty hunters have substantial experience in the police force. Most of them have worked in law enforcement or as private investigators in the past and draw on their connections and expertise in these fields.

Like a modern-day bounty hunter, Patty uses his YouTube channel to track down and apprehend those who skip out on bail or take back property posted as collateral. But he’s no genuine bounty hunter at all.

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According to Bno News, the internet star is not breaching the law, and there is no evidence that he has claimed to be a police officer in public.

The crew members may be easily spotted by the bright yellow vests emblazoned with the words “FILM CREW.” His YouTube following has grown gradually, and his videos have amassed over 300 million views.

The 40 million views on his videos are mirrored by the success of his Facebook page, which he characterizes as a “comedian” but updates less frequently.

Patty’s Net Worth

Patty’s fortune is said to be $5 million. His YouTube videos have been seen over a billion times, and he has over 10.4 million subscribers.

According to Socialblade, this is generating an estimated $78,700 per month. His videos average yearly earnings of $944,000.

In addition, he has had Leo Green’s assistance from the start, a company he claims is crucial to his ability to shift from comedy films to more severe recordings.

In addition, he has received token support from companies like EvoGimbals, which provides him with equipment on occasion.

The energy drink manufacturer Bang has also been a consistent sponsor of the YouTuber’s channel. Before his career as a bounty hunter, he became a YouTube sensation by posting prank videos.

In 2013, he started his YouTube channel and quickly gained popularity with a series of comedic videos in which he demonstrated his involvement in the duties of a Fugitive Recovery Agent.

In the latter half of 2017, he became more well-known thanks to his roles in movies about capturing wanted criminals, enforcing bail terms, and recovering stolen goods.

He worked on the project alongside another YouTube star, Bounty Hunter D. Together; they began staging hazardous bounty-hunting scenarios, which resulted in some genuinely thrilling footage.

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