Patty Mayo just got engaged to his long-term lover Raven Walton. American YouTuber Patty Mayo has a sizable following on the video-sharing platform.

Southern California native American entrepreneur Patty is well known for his bounty-hunting vlog series and other online content.

Similarly, he engages in a wide variety of practical jokes and dares. He plays an Oregon sheriff in his series.

After YouTube demonetized him, he switched to making material about bounty hunting, which was less successful but still had high interactions. Today, he is quite well-known for the varied information he publishes online.

The endorsement deals he’s struck and the businesses he’s collaborated with have done wonders for his bank account and career.

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Who Is Patty Mayo’s Girlfriend?

In recent news, Patty Mayo proposed to his longtime love, Raven Walton. Both online and on television, Raven has amassed a large following. As a result of her participation in Big Brother 19, she gained widespread notoriety.

There, she became notorious for embellishing her story of health problems and other traumatic occurrences. She remained in the house until the Double Eviction segment of the season’s second half.

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On Big Brother 19, she was the final female HouseGuest to be put up for eviction. Raven, originally from Arkansas, is a professional dancer with almost 1 million Instagram followers.

In addition to that, she is an influencer for brand partnerships on social media. Raven frequently writes about her boyfriend on her blog. They are always on the go and in one other’s company.

Last year, Raven documented the couple’s opportunity to pass beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. She said it was one of the most exciting experiences of her life and that she would always be thankful for the opportunity to take part.

She has also collaborated with the group and appeared in some of his videos on YouTube. Both of these pairs are quite intrepid experimenters.

How Has Patty And Raven’s Dating History Been?

After being friends for a while, Patty Mayo and his girlfriend Raven Walton decided to take the relationship to the next level three years ago.

A few days ago, Patty popped the question, and now they can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives as soulmates.

An image of a stunning blue ring was included in the couple’s engagement announcement a few days ago. The proposal was adorable, and the ride in the helicopter sealed the deal.

He hung a huge sign at their house reading, “Will You Marry Me?” Raven was taken aback, but she quickly agreed.

By posting a picture of her ring, Raven expressed her eagerness to start a new chapter of her life with her closest friend. Around the year 2020, they began constantly posting about their budding relationship.

A year from now, on Patty’s birthday in 2020, Raven will post a photo of the two of them together and brag about how he smote her the second they met.

The girl he dated before Raven was named Kayla. As a former camerawoman, she has shared a long and fruitful working relationship with him.

Together, they produced a YouTube program in which they showcased footage of disasters and difficult situations that had occurred in California.

Raven and Katie Hargrove collaborated on a song for Patty to mark their third wedding anniversary. Patty showed the clips to her friends, who looked like they were having a blast.

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