Ralph Sampson’s wife, Patrice Ablack, is a 55-year-old former NBA player. She is the president of TLG Enterprises and a Howard alumna.

Patrice has always sought to keep a low profile even though the two have been seen together on numerous occasions. With his ex-wife Aleize Sampson, who was married for 17 years, Ralph Sampson has four children.

The player, who began his career in 1983 with the Houston Rockets, played until 1992 before retiring due to persistent knee injuries.

The 62-year-old has played in the NBA on four occasions and was named Most Valuable Player in 1985. We probably would have been more fortunate to see his skills if it weren’t for his knee issues.

Patrice Ablack Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Children And UVA Cancer Center: Ralph Sampson Wife
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Explore About Patrice Ablack Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Children And UVA Cancer Center: Ralph Sampson Wife Details In This Post.

Patrice Ablack Bio Explored

Patrice Ablack has only ever appeared as an actress in one film, The Return of Superfly, which was released in 1990.

And no, the plot does not involve an insect; instead, it is an action movie about a former drug dealer who returns to his hometown to avenge the murder of a buddy.

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The film received harsh criticism and had a poor box office performance. Even Samuel L. Jackson, a legend in Hollywood, couldn’t save the situation.

Patrice portrayed the character Irene Gates, who had a small part in the film. She never played any other position in a Hollywood film, only that one.

Full NamePatrice Ablack
Partner’s NameRalph Sampson

What Is Patrice Ablack Age?

Patrcie Ablack, the basketball player’s wife, is 55 years old but doesn’t appear a day older than 40. Before meeting Ralph, Patrice kept her past a secret.

The 55-year-old has only occasionally appeared with her husband and has no social media presence. She and Ralph don’t have any biological kids together, but she is the stepmother to four kids.

Ralph turned 62 this year, so the couple has a seven-year age difference. However, Ralph was expected to succeed in the NBA from a young age.

He was first selected in the 1983 NBA Draft at 23 and took the Rookie of the Year Award. He later left the NBA as a four-time All-Star but could not win the championship.

Patrice Ablack Family Feud Details

Patrice participated in Family Feud alongside her husband Ralph and their three children from their prior union with Aleize Sampson. One of the most popular shows in America is the well-known one hosted by the equally famous TV personality Steve Harvey.

A typical family or celebrities and their families occasionally participate in the show to win significant prizes. One family competes with another by responding to survey questions with the most common response. She was a freelancer for Wonderbag and co-founder of the business Dalliance.

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Ralph and his family faced off against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and his family, another basketball legend. After winning $25,000, Ralph and Patrice gave it to the University of Virginia Cancer Center.

The Manhattan Country Club, which offers dining, recreational, social, and educational possibilities, is co-owned by Patrice. Patrice obtained a science degree from Howard University and served as the CEO and President of TLG Enterprises.

Patrice Ablack Children Details

Although Patrice Ablack doesn’t have a biological child of her own, she and Ralph Sampson have four stepchildren together. In addition, Ralph has four children from a prior marriage to Aleize Sampson: Ralph Sampson III, Robert Sampson, Anna Aleize Sampson, and Rachel Lee Sampson.

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Ralph Sampson III and Robert Sampson, two of Ralph’s children, continued in his basketball playing career. But unlike their father, their quest stopped when they were in college because neither brother could advance any farther.

The brothers and their sister Anna participated in the Family Feud competition alongside their father and stepmother Patrice. However, in contrast to the show’s title, the family members are not at odds with one another.

Patrice Ablack Husband: What Does Ralph Sampson Do?

Ralph Sampson gave the UVA Cancer Center his whole Family Feud winnings. Then, a day after receiving the prize money, he went to the centre, where people like Craig Littlepage, Tony Bennett, and Barry Parkhill joined him.

Ralph Sampson’s father, Ralph Sampson, had battled prostate and lung cancer. Therefore the donation held special significance for him. Ralph Sr, however, was fortunate to survive the cruel illness and has now been in remission for eight and a half years.

The basketball player gave front-line healthcare staff 1.5 million USD in 2020, along with cosy loungewear and everyday things like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters.

Partner’s NameRalph Sampson

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