Chris and Nicole Piastri, the parents of Oscar Piastri, may have an astounding net worth of over $1 million as of 2022; his father is the owner and CEO of a business called HP Turners.

However, Oscar, their son, is in the news after choosing to leave the Alpine F1 Team and join McLaren in 2023. Last month, Alpine F1 featured Oscar in their marketing, but the race driver politely declined and indicated his clause with the team had already ended.

This garnered attention from Oscar’s management and Alpine F1. The matter has now been resolved in favor of the Australian racecar driver and McLaren after a four-person Contract Recognition Board found in their favor. The driver will race for McLaren in the 2018 season, marking his Formula One debut.

According to Sky Sports, Oscar has already voiced his joy by saying it would be exciting to make his Formula One debut with such a “prestigious organization.” Although he was Alpine’s backup driver, he was slated to take the wheel this coming season.

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Oscar Piastri Parents: How Much Do Oscar Piastri Parents Earn?

Chris and Nicole Piastri, Oscar’s parents, could have a combined net worth of $1.5 million by 2022. (Source:

His father is the owner and manager of an automotive aftermarket company that specializes in providing clients with calibration solutions.

The couple may currently be working together in the store and earning a fortune for themselves. According to Showbiz Cast, Oscar was also sponsored by Chris’ business HP Turner during his karting days.

During the early stages of his racing career, Oscar’s father acted as a mentor and volunteered to serve as his technician. The pair haven’t revealed their true net worth or online income, though.

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The couple’s business may be providing a good and consistent source of revenue due to the huge demand for high-performance car calibration services.

Similar to this, individuals have also posted favorable evaluations about HP Turners on their Google page, stating that the staff members there perform an excellent job.

On the other side, Oscar has also amassed a sizable wealth for himself, with some internet sources estimating that as of 2022, he has made over $2 million.

His fortune may possibly change direction once he makes his Formula One debut in the upcoming season.

Oscar Piastri Girlfriend: Details On His Dating Life

Lily Zneimer, a British woman, is now Oscar Piastri’s girlfriend. The most recent time the couple was spotted together was at Silverstone. They have been pictured together numerous times.

Oscar and Lily were fortunate to appear in the frames of a certified F1 photographer, Kym Illman, who then shared the picture with his Instagram followers.

Lily, Oscar’s girlfriend, may be found on Instagram under the handle @lilyzneimer, but alas, her postings are currently hidden from the public because she has her Instagram account set to private.

Oscar Piastri
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At the Autosport Awards in February 2022, Piastri was joined by his lover Lily; the two looked lovely in a matching black suit and outfit.

However, Oscar attempts to keep his love life off the internet and does not post many pictures of himself or his partner with his fans.

Despite his repeated attempts to keep his love life private, his romance and girlfriend have been discovered by netizens and his supporters.

Net Worth: Are Oscar Piastri Parents Rich?

Oscar’s parents Chris and Nicole are undoubtedly wealthy and their estimated net worth as of 2022 is above $1 million. However, they also have a lot to offer their son in the way of strong morals and culture.

Not only are Chris and Nicole wealthy financially, but they are also excellent parents. They have set a solid example for their son to follow, even though he will make his Formula One debut in 2023 at the age of 22.

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Oscar frequently attributes his dream career to his father and has dedicated many victories to his cherished mother. Oscar learned how to utilize cruise control from his mother.

It’s unclear, though, if the couple acquired their wealth recently or if they were always wealthy. Given that Oscar’s first sponsor during his karting career was HP Turner, their business may be older than ten years.

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