Ornella Vanoni Plastic Surgery: Find Her Face Before and After

Ornella Vanoni’s plastic surgery is noticeable through a facelift, neck lift, brow lift, and eye surgery. As of now, Ornella has not commented on the allegations.

She started her career in 1960 as a theatrical actress in Bertolt Brecht’s performances under Giorgio Strechler. Vanoni was simultaneously performing for a select group of listeners through recording.

The vocalist is considered one of the most well-known interpreters of Italian pop music, having recorded over 112 works throughout LPs, EPs, and greatest hits albums.

And over her entire career, nearly 65 million albums have been sold. Vanoni, who is 88 years old, has minimal wrinkles around her face, prompting others to suspect she underwent plastic surgery.

Since there is an enormous alteration in her facial characteristics, we can’t deny she underwent surgery if we compare them with her previous images.

Today we are used to seeing her like way, but if we browse through images from her youth, they enchant everyone.

Image Source: Fortementein

Has Ornella Vanoni Ever Done A Plastic Surgery?

Ornella Vanoni has had a brow lift, eyelid surgery, and a neck lift, among other cosmetic procedures. She’s gone through some cosmetic makeovers.

Both her past and present photographs exhibit what can be called “dramatic” changes. At 88 years old, Vanoni has a very different appearance than when she was younger.

Surgery does not always produce the desired results for patients. Perhaps she now has a different face after botched plastic surgery.

Image Source: AP Magazine

While Vanoni hasn’t come clean about plastic surgery, her look has changed too drastically to be attributed to genetics alone. Compared to pictures shot even a short time ago, the skin on her face now appears lax.

There is nothing unusual about the wrinkles appearing on her face because of her advanced years. Her nostrils are somewhat broader, and her nose is less polished than it seems.

How Was Ornella’s Face Before The Surgery?

Ornella’s tall, stunning frame is a major draw for her devoted following, who have marveled at her development.

Her physique hasn’t altered much between her older and more recent photographs, but her facial characteristics have.

The artist has not publicly addressed the use of surgeries or fillers, but a before and after shot belies her claims. She had a lovely nose and full, plump lips that drew the eye.

When comparing her before and after pictures, it is clear that she underwent rhinoplasty (to make her nose smaller) and lip augmentation (to give her fuller lips).

In addition, the celebrity’s eyes appear to have been changed using canthoplasty, which involves lifting the upper eyelids to create a feline-like expression. Fox eyes and designer eyes are additional names for canthoplasty.

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