A shooter is still on the loose at a California Ontario Mills retail centre. Police later refuted the rumours that a shooter was at the Ontario Mills mall.

The Ontario Fire Department sent units to the mall after receiving “multiple complaints indicating people are sheltering in place.”

The shooter’s allegations, however, were immediately disproved. According to other social media posts, others may have been hiding in the mall.

Ontario Mills Active Shooter Details

Contrary to rumours, no shooter was present in the Ontario Mills mall on Saturday night. However, Ontario PD officers cautiously searched the mall for any threats.

When the Ontario Police Department (OPD) responded to an incident at the Ontario Mills mall, there was no active shooter. As a result, both known injuries and firing proof are lacking.

According to Chief Mike Lorenz, there isn’t an active shooter at the Ontario Mills Mall, despite claims to the contrary.

There is security at the mall. The agency claimed no proof of a shooter but encouraged people to avoid the area while officers investigated.

What Happened At Ontario Mills Mall California?

On Saturday night, shoppers at Ontario Mills were alarmed after hearing false reports of gunfire. However, it was found that there was no active shooter situation at the Ontario Mills mall.

The Ontario Fire Department said that many callers said they were taking cover.

Between 7:26 and 7:32 p.m., the Ontario Fire Department reported responding to many reports of gunshots heard within the mall and shoppers seeking shelter.

Ontario Police Chief Mike Lorenz tweeted at 7:41 p.m. that the mall had been emptied and there was no active shooter, despite reports to the contrary.

Some people have reported seeing other customers flee on social media as employees hurriedly rushed them inside and closed the doors.

Social media footage shows people leaving the mall while a warning can be heard in the distance. One of the region’s most popular shopping and tourist locations is the Ontario Mills retail and outlet mall, which is situated in San Bernardino county.

How Many People Were Injured At Ontario Mills Mall Shooting?

On Saturday night, there was no shooting, despite false allegations of an active gunman inside the Ontario Mills mall.

People could escape the mall on social media while others hid inside as security shut it.

When Ontario PD responded to an incident at the Ontario Mills shopping center, there was no active shooter.

What prompted shoppers to call and report hearing gunshots is unknown. Authorities claimed that even though they had been called to a disturbance, nobody had been hurt, and there had been no sign of a shooting.

Ontario Mills, a shopping and outlet area in San Bernardino County, Ontario, California, is one of the region’s most popular tourist and shopping destinations.

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