Olivia And Jackson Split

Because of their on-screen romance, Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie are well known to Married At First Sight viewers. From the moment they met, the couple was enamored with one another and felt strong chemistry.

Frazer was born to Sandy Frazer, her mother, and Dave Frazer, her father. She has a brother named Tommy Frazer. Sadly, in the middle of 2020, her father passed away after a long battle with a serious disease. She is a television personality, a driving instructor, and a student of teaching.

Frazer mentioned in an interview that she had lost her job as a result of the criticism around her performance. His father, whose name is still unknown, and his mother, Amanda Seater, gave birth to Lonie.

Along with his half-brother Charley Jean, he grew up with his four sisters. He is a well-known plumber in Victoria, Australia, after making an appearance with Olivia Frazer in season nine of Married at First Sight.

They had a contentious relationship with one another during the show, and there was even a petition started to take legal action against Frazer.

Due to their separation from one another, they have recently become the topic of discussion online.

Why Did Jackson and Olivia Split Up?

After dating for ten months, the pair posted a joint Instagram announcement of their separation. The couple kept their breakup’s true cause a secret.

Olivia And Jackson Split

After an amazing 10 months together, they announced on Instagram that they were parting ways. Since they first started dating, they have been in love, and they will remain so even after they become friends instead of lovers.

It was simply a case of almost ideal; they had nothing but love and respect for one another. Nobody is to blame for the breakdown of their relationship. The pair asks the supporters to be understanding while they deal with the matter in private.

When they were last seen together on Saturday at a friend’s party, the couple appeared to be working on their marriage.

Jackson was allegedly seen becoming intimate with another lady in Melbourne at the time Olivia left on a five-week trip to the UK, according to rumors that led to their breakup.

Jackson Caught Cheating On Olivia?

Jackson was allegedly seen kissing Hannah Hughes, a 20-year-old traffic controller, according to Daily Mail.

Olivia And Jackson Split

The video of them kissing quickly became popular online. Olivia was left broken and torn from Jackson’s deed, and their relationship hit an all-time low as a result of his behavior.

Following the event, the couple had a serious chat regarding the future of their relationship, and Olivia offered Jackson one more warning: stop partying, or their relationship was gone.

Jackson acknowledged that he required help with his drinking problem and further said that he kept getting blackout drunk to avoid negativity, which progressed to him kissing the woman.

The duo later released a video on Instagram declaring their relationship. Olivia further stated that they are both in love and have no plans to quit their relationship.

Olivia and Jackson Relationship Timeline

In the performance, the couple instantly clicked and experienced what might as well have been love at first sight.

Jackson and Olivia thought their union was organic. They both believed they had terrific chemistry as a pair and didn’t feel the need to fake it. Jackson and the audience were taken aback by Olivia’s abrupt change in pleasant personality.

Over the course of the episode, their ideal partnership began to experience some difficulties. They asserted that after the show concluded, things started to improve in their relationship.

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