Oliver Chidawu Net Worth Death Cause Obituary And Wife

Oliver Chidawu Net Worth Death Cause Obituary And Wife
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Oliver Chidawu, 68, a minister of state for Harare Provincial Affairs and Devolution, has left the scene.

Senator Chidawu, born in 1954, took office as mayor of Harare City in 1984 at 29. He was the city’s youngest mayor in its history.

The Kuchi Group of Companies was founded by Senator Chidhawu, an engineer and businessman by training. He also oversaw the African Banking Corporation of Zimbabwe and held the position of non-executive chairman of the Manders Group.

Oliver Chidawu Net Worth Details

Oliver Chidawu was acknowledged as a self-made millionaire in 2014. Since the 1990s, he has been a successful businessman in Zimbabwe. He founded the Kuchi Group of Companies. It is recognized for managing building management and electrical contracts.

He was the youngest mayor of Harare in 1984 at the age of 29. He was also a director for several companies. He also founded his contracting business in the 1980s, working with Citi Group and Anglo American partners.

Some of Zimbabwe’s most crucial infrastructure was developed by him. His management of more than 20,000 employees now is directly related to the businesses he built from the ground up.

Mr. Chidawu was a significant shareholder in Heritage Insurance Company and BitumenConstruction Services. He served as a founding director and shareholder of the company formed in 1997 due to the union of Heritage Investment Bank and First Merchant Bank.

Mr. Chidawu also held the position of non-executive chairman of the Manders Group. He also served as chairman of several other privately and publicly traded businesses in Zimbabwe, including African Banking Corporation Limited.

The man’s work is still recognized as legendary eight years later. As a result, it is assumed that Oliver Chidawu had a net worth of more than $1 billion at his death.

Oliver Chidawu Obituary And Death Cause

Oliver Chidawu had a heart attack this morning and died as a result. His admirers and other media outlets have started to share their profound condolences for the deceased.

However, there hasn’t been any information about his condition before today. The cause of his death is unknown, and his family has not yet issued a comment.

Oliver Chidawu, a minister for the Harare Metropolitan Area, passed away after a heart attack, writes Temba P. Milswa: “I was startled to read it. I went to see him on Tuesday, and we discussed the Joshua Nkomo Housing Cooperative.

He agreed with me that I was correct and said emphatically that the issue needed to be resolved.

Oliver Chidawu, a minister for Harare Provincial Affairs and Devolution, also passed away, the News Hawks tweeted. Politicians, businessmen, and engineers were chosen for the metropolitan office in March 2019.

Oliver Chidawu Wife

The minister’s family has chosen to stay out of the media spotlight and has never been brought up. Even after he passed away, his family has not formally acknowledged it.

Oliver’s death devastated his wife and children. However, Chidawus need prayers as much as solitude during this difficult time in their lives. On Twitter, though, his supporters are expressing their sympathies, prayers, and encouraging messages.

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