Obituary: Sandy Hook Shooting Victim Jesse Lewis' Parents Get $4.1 Million From Jury: Who Is Neil Heslin?

Neil Heslin, the father of Jesse Lewis, a kid who perished in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in 2012, gave a powerful testimony in a Texas court.

  • Neil became emotional during his testimony during the trial of Alex Jones
  • Jesse Lewis was one of the children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre
  • The parents of one of the victims sued Jones and got $4.1 million in damages

Obituary: 6-year-old Jesse Lewis’ Parents Get $4.1 Million From Jury

A Texas jury on Thursday found conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, a media icon, guilty of defamation.

The parents of one of the victims sued Jones for defamation after he regularly claimed that the Sandy Hook school shooting was fiction. However, the Texas Tribune reports that a jury in Texas held Jones responsibly and awarded the parents $4.1 million in damages.

Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin had requested $150 million from Jones as compensation. His comments on an Austin-based website and an Infowars program led to this incident.

Neil Heslin and Scarlet Lewis

Jones said that to limit the public’s freedom to own and carry firearms, the government reportedly created the second-deadliest school massacre in American history, killing 20 children and six adults.

As a result of his statements, his audience members harassed and intimidated the victims’ families for years.

They testified before a jury, saying they had been plagued for years by the misinformation that right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has peddled.

Who Is Neil Heslin?

Neil Heslin’s son Jesse Lewis was one of the children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Heslin asserts that he wants this situation to be resolved so that Jones’ damage to his image and ethics is not only repaired but also those of his 6-year-old son Jesse Lewis.

Heslin testified on Tuesday that if he is to be able to move on with his life and try to deal with the pain of the calamity, Jones must be held accountable for his actions.

Because of Jones’ lies, Lewis and Heslin have been the target of numerous accusatory emails and physical risk threats. Since Jesse’s passing, Lewis has been living in her own house, but she has admitted that she does not feel comfortable there.

Neil Heslin is not currently the topic of any new information.

Neil Heslin Wife And Jesse Lewis Mother Scarlett Lewis

Jesse Lewis was born to Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin.

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In a face-to-face courtroom discussion, the parents of Jesse, a six-year-old boy who died in the elementary school shooting, pressed the Infowars fabulist about his fabrications.

A Sandy Hook mother challenged conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in court about the harm his false claims about the tragic shooting that claimed her son’s life had caused her family and the national discourse testimony.

Ms. Lewis and Neil Heslin, Jesse’s father, are involved in the first three trials. At this point in the case, the jury will determine how much money Mr. Jones must pay the families for the reputational harm he caused.

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