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On the day of Capitol Roit, Michael Stenger served as the Senate Sergeant. He is no longer with us. The entire country was surprised by his abrupt departure.

Stenger was the United States Senate’s 41st Sergeant at Arms. After irate Trump fans attacked the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., he announced his resignation.

He was a Fairleigh Dickinson University alumnus with 35 years of Secret Service experience. Prior to joining the Secret Service, he served in the United States Marine Corps.

Senate Sergeant Michael Stenger Death Cause

Senate Sergeant Michael Stenger has died, and people are curious to find out the death cause.

On the infamous Capitol Roit day, the late Michael Stenger served as the Senate Sergeant of Security. Fox News and numerous other dependable sources have confirmed his sudden passing.

Nevertheless, numerous speculations have emerged online in the wake of his departure. The most well-liked theory is that he was murdered.

This idea holds that Stenger was shot and killed as he crossed the street to get to his apartment. Even a CCTV camera purportedly caught the shooting. This hypothesis has not yet been proven, though.

His involvement in the January 6 Capitol Riot may have catalyzed the fake. He went suddenly the day before “new evidence” was introduced before the Committee hearing on January 6.

However, without any solid evidence, this is just a fake. Based on a few social media posts, we cannot verify everything.

Michael Stenger Net Worth Details

At the time of his passing, Michael Stenger had a respectable amount of wealth as he had a sizable net worth.

The annual salary for congressional security is reportedly around $150,000. Stenger held one of the top positions in Capitol security. Therefore he must have accumulated substantial wealth.

Stenger never disclosed his money, though. Instead, he kept his earnings and financial details private.

After resigning, the former sergeant adopted a guarded demeanor. However, he faced severe blowback after declining to provide national security during the Capitol Riot.

He and House Sergeant Arms Paul Irving resigned because of this.

Who Is Michael Stenger Wife And Children?

Michael Stenger’s wife and children must be mourning the death of their beloved family member as of now.

Michael’s family has not yet stepped forward to publish a formal obituary. Therefore, they must be devastated by this unforeseen and disastrous circumstance.

We ask that as much of your privacy as possible be given now. Asking them about his death’s cause and bringing up conspiracy theories wouldn’t be a good idea.

Stenger has a long experience with and connections to the U.S. Security division and worked in public affairs and government. Moreover, he joined the United States Senate’s a Sergeant at Arms in 2011.

He was appointed the 41st Sergeant at Arms after a lengthy tenure. The Senate gave its unanimous approval to his nomination. He also quit his job on January 7, 2021.

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