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Online discussion on the arrest of prominent YouTuber Nux Taku has been going on. Some rumors claim that Nux was arrested in Disneyland for acting lewdly. He did, however, confirm that the application of code NUX on gfuel was what caused it.

The American and Canadian-born YouTuber Nux is well-known for his videos on analytics and memes. His most popular video came from his most recent stint as a podcast host.

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Is Nux Taku Arrested For Using Code On Gfuel? 

Rumors have been going around that Nux Taku was detained for acting lewdly in Disneyland. That is harmful and alarming.

According to other reports, Nux Taku was actually at Disney World when the rumour of his detention spread, making it a hot topic in the media and dismissing the story as crazy. However, Nux said he was jailed because entering the code NUX on gfuel is seen as theft in a news item he posted on Twitter.

Is Nux Taku Arrested For Using Code On Gfuel?

Additionally, Nux used to make amusing anime analysis films, and his videos provide some enjoyment for the viewers. He charmed them with his quirky sense of humor. In fiction, he lives in a vacuum and says the funniest things.

The recent Nux Taku video that exposed a group of doxxers posing as VShojo and writing letters to other streamers in order to collect personal information and ultimately “swat” them has sparked conflict among the VTuber community.

Additionally featured are VTubers like Gawr Gura (Hololive) and Kizuna AI. One of the most well-known independent VTubers is Taku, who has close to 2 million members and is third among VTubers with the most subscribers internationally.

Nux Taku Twitter Drama Explained

Because of the numerous tweets about Nux Taku on Twitter, he has developed into a meme. One person tweeted, “My friend Nux Taku was recently imprisoned for holding a one-man naked protest outside Netflix’s corporate offices to stop the corporation from continuing to produce live-action remakes of well-known anime flicks.”

The recent Nux Taku video that exposed a group of doxxers who were emailing other broadcasters while posing as VShojo in order to collect personal information and ultimately “swat” the streamers has caused division in the VTuber community.


Despite living in the Void in fiction, Taku is a citizen of both Canada and the United States. He claims to reside in Montreal in a recent video, where he can be seen “CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AT HER SUFFERING-Nux Watches Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke by Jaiden Animations.”

One user of Twitter tweeted about his current predicament. My friend @Nux Taku got arrested in Florida after a well-earned vacation. That game is hardly out of the ordinary, even by Florida standards.

A Face Reveal Of Nux Taku?

The fans of the anime character Nux Taku have not seen his face. However, they are interested in seeing his true face. He might be delaying his appearance for a while, or he might want to cover his face with the mask.

His real name is unclear because he keeps his personal information confidential. He occasionally made vile suggestions, like the one to publicly publish his face if Akinator discovered him.

With the disclosure of his face, the well-known Canadian-American YouTuber Nux Taku has long sparked fans’ interest. Sadly, supporters are still in the dark about his presence because they were all click-baited.

He has 2.17 million subscribers as a result of the way he speaks and moves through his films, some of which have in the past included satirical parodies. In February 1996, Taku, an Aquarius child, was born in Canada and took his first breath. 25-year-old YouTuber’s personal life has mostly been kept a secret. Thus nothing is known about it.

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