No Plug Real Name, Girlfriend, Age, And Net Worth

No Plug Real Name, Girlfriend, Age, And Net Worth
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No plug, a well-known up-and-coming rapper, is the subject of controversy following the recent altercation and gunfire. Mendez Owens is the actual name of the real name.

The Rapper, a Georgia native, has known Bankroll Fresh since they were young. Sadly, Fresh’s handgun was not stolen by Plug before he left the Street Execs studio on March 4, 2016, after the two got into a fight about an earlier incident.

Later, when he returned for two cell phones, Fresh fired an AK-47 at No Plug’s car, forcing No Plug to react by killing Fresh. In a web interview, he admitted to killing Fresh out of self-defense, but the incident was never prosecuted.

On March 24, 2016, in northwest Atlanta, Trentavious White, also known as Bankroll Fresh, was shot and killed in front of Street Execs Studio. When police concluded that White was shot in self-defense, they formally closed the case.

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No Plug Real Name: Who Is His Girlfriend?

Mendez Owens, the Rapper No Plug, was born in Atlanta, Georgia. In May 2015, he started a YouTube account and uploaded the introductory video “_noplug session #1.”

His YouTube channel is Not a Plug-Topic More than 5 million people have viewed this channel, with 3.57K subscribers. Sadly, his YouTube channel is currently empty of content.

With 1916 followers and the username 1noplug, No Plug is a highly active user on Twitter. On this account, he tweets about various topics and his albums.

No Plug becomes a single in 2022. He is not dating anyone right now. Nobody with whom he had a son from at least one prior relationship.

Regarding his relationships and current situation, not much is known. He would rather keep such material private and out of the public eye.

No Plug Age And Net Worth Details

On August 17, 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States, No Plug was created. In 2022, he will be 33 years old.

From a very young age, the Rapper had great popularity. No Plug’s predicted net worth in 2022 will be greater than 500K. He attributes his success to his rapping profession.

Although there is no evidence to support this net worth, he makes about $50,000 a year. He was and continues to be a successful independent rapper.

Is The Rapper No Plug Married?

No plug has never been married. He doesn’t even have a public connection.

However, this does not imply that he is a father. He occasionally posted images of his son, whom he called Baby Doe, on Instagram.

The well-known Rapper appears to be delaying marriage to pursue his career.

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