Beyond Oak Island’s Nikoline Bohr is a 32-year-old historian and scientist. Nikoline Bohr was a guest on a recent show edition where she was one of many specialists.

Inspired by the long-running, multi-season reality TV series The Curse of Oak Island, in which a group of treasure hunters attempts to solve the mystery of Oak Island, this program is a spinoff.

A fabled treasure is supposed to be hidden on Oak Island, a privately owned island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.

The show’s primary characters are brothers Marty and Rick Lagina, who have been fascinated by the Oak Island mystery since they were young.

The Lagina brothers own the island and partnered with a business called the Michigan Group to mine it for treasure while filming the show.

The famous original series spawned this spinoff, which follows treasure seekers worldwide and includes interviews with those involved in active treasure searches and historians, and other specialists in the field.

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Nikoline Bohr Appearance On Beyond Oak Island

Nikoline Bohr was featured in the seventh episode of Beyond Oak Island’s third season. The first broadcast was on November 8, 2022; this program has been delayed twice.

The content of the spinoff varies from that of the original show. Matty Blake, Marty and Rick Lagina’s friend, hosts the show.

The Lagina brothers have tasked Blake with exploring potential treasure locations and reporting back with any relevant information they uncover.

In each episode, Matty is joined by a new treasure hunter or specialist; Nikoline was that person this time. She was chosen because of her expertise as a treasure hunter and membership in the Ring Finders.

This group assists in the recovery of jewelry and other precious metals misplaced by vacationers. She was asked to come along since she is very skilled with gold.

Fans loved her for her extensive knowledge and striking beauty; many were surprised to see such a stunning woman working in such a gritty environment.

Nikoline’s shallow water search expertise gave the episode much room to maneuver. It follows Matty and a group of gold panners from North Carolina as they conduct crucial digs in their hunt for the precious metal.

Fans have made it clear they want her to return in future episodes and even the following season, despite her brief appearance in the pilot. The r/Oak Island subreddit has a whole topic concerned with her whereabouts.

How Old Is Nikoline?

As of this writing, Nikoline is 33 years old and has established a sizeable fan base. She was already causing a stir before she even appeared on the show.

The New York Times published a story on her and others like her, which initially brought them to public attention. There was some discussion about the recently popularized pastime of treasure and ring-seeking.

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Besides revealing Nikoline’s age at the time, the piece also included a prominent photo of her and several quotations from the explorer herself, making her the focus of attention in a significant way.

Nikoline has gained over 18.7K followers on Instagram thanks to their profile in the New York Times and her role in the Oak Island spinoff.

Nikoline Career In TV And Beyond

As of when this article was written, Nikoline has made only one television appearance, in the Oak Island spinoff. However, while she’s not doing that, she’s helping the Ring Finders.

Since 2020, she’s been a part of the group, and she currently resides and puts in time on the island of Nantucket, just off the coast of Rhode Island.

Many grateful clients of the treasure hunter have shared their appreciation by posting glowing testimonials about her services on the Ring Finders website.

In addition, she maintains a website where people may reach her, and she can share her thoughts on the morality of metal detecting.

Finally, she occasionally models for her Instagram page and independent runways, thanks to her attractiveness.

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