Nikohl Boosheri Partner: Mo Smesme Bio, Wikipedia, Job, And Relationship Details

Mo Smesme, a partner of Nikohl Boosheri, is a musician and the creator of Clocks plus Colours. Heavy metal music is dear to Mo Smesme.

She made her film debut in Circumstance, which took home the audience prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

She received Best Performance awards from three film festivals: LA Outfest, International Rome Film Festival, and Noor Film Festival.

IndieWires chose her as one of the 10 Actors to Watch at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2013 for her performance in Meera Menon’s Farah Goes Bang.

She starred as the colorful Sara in The Persian Connection with Daniel Grove and Rogue on DirectTV with Thandie Newton. She’s had a busy year and will be seen in various roles on different networks in the fall.

Nikohl Boosheri Partner: Mo Smesme Bio, Wikipedia, Job, And Relationship Details
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Nikohl Boosheri Partner: Mo Smesme Bio, Wikipedia, Job

Mo Smesme, a partner of Nikohl Boosheri, runs a music store. As singers, Nikohl and Mo have worked together reasonably frequently.

People don’t change, according to the musician, but business structures do. They all desire the same thing: a fulfilling encounter that distinguishes those who succeed from those who fail, delivers what is promised, and provides a beautiful experience.

Wherever he travels, he is confident that he will be able to provide a spectacular performance and experience that clients will cherish and on which companies can count.

Smesme received his schooling at Musicians In Action. He has a Non-University Certificate/Diploma in Music Business as his degree. The course lasted a full calendar year from August 2008 through August 2009.

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He has expertise in fine dining, fast-paced environments, menu development, money handling, and staff scheduling. He is also TIPS certified.

He worked as a bartender at Spare Tire Kitchen & Tavern, where he talked about his experiences. He served as the floor captain and lead bartender at a gastropub in Miracle Mile that catered to young professionals, families, and barhops.

Mo currently makes the most of his abilities as a singer and bartender for his business.

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Their Relationship Details

On his birthday in 2018, Nikohl sent him a birthday wish, which sparked speculation about their connection. For more than six years, they had reportedly been rumored to be dating.

They have been connected by default because they have never acknowledged or denied it. Similarly, Boosheri thanked Smesme and everyone else for helping make her birthday great in 2019.

This one was a collective expression of appreciation for all of her pals, but it was still unclear whether the two were dating.

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On the other side, Mo has never posted their photos together on social media. The potential might not be connected to excessive online exposure, but something can only be said once the two make an announcement.

Mo’s Instagram account can be found at @wildthecoyote. He is following more than 500 accounts on the platform and has 15.8k followers.

He has 64 posts, and his bio is “Nothing. Nobody.” His primary purpose for using the platform is to share his works and information about his business venture.

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