Niko Omilana’s Real Name, Age, Family, Earnings And Net Worth Details

The Beta Squad member and well-known YouTuber Niko Omilana is recognized for his prank-style films.

Five English-speaking YouTubers known as The Beta Squad are well-known for creating humorous content for their individual and group channels.

The Beta Squad’s five members are:

  1. Omilana Niko
  2. Chunkz
  3. Shabeel Aj
  4. Sharky
  5. KingKennyTV

The YouTubers are also well-known for having various African ancestries; Niko and KingKennyTv are of Nigerian ancestry, while Chunkz, Aj Shabeel, and Sharky are of Somali ancestry.

Niko Omilana is regarded as the most well-liked member of the Beta Squad because he not only has the most subscribers out of the group but is also well-known for his pranks outside of the group.


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Where Is Niko Omilana’s Family From?

The specifics of the Nigerian ancestry of the family of YouTuber Niko Omilana are unknown.

Omilana hasn’t discussed his family’s history or experiences with immigration and/or travel as extensively as the other members of the Beta Squad have.


However, based on his accent, one may assume that Omilana is an English native, which is accurate. The most racial man in America was interviewed by Niko Omilana.

In the English West Midlands, Staffordshire is a landlocked county that shares boundaries with the shires of Cheshire to the north, Warwickshire to the southeast, Derbyshire and Leicestershire to the east, the West Midlands County and Worcestershire to the south, and Shropshire to the west.

How Much Is Niko Omilana’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, YouTuber Niko Omilana has a net worth of $1.2 million.With a Personality of the Year trophy, Niko Omilana

Omilana has the most subscribers out of the entire Beta Squad, as was already mentioned. Therefore it’s not surprising that he has a significant net worth.


The YouTuber not only has more than 6.05 million subscribers, but he also has over 486,990,792 views from just his main channel.

Additionally, he has two side channels, NDL and Niko Clips, with 581K subscribers on the former and Niko Clips on the latter.

Regarding the latter, it is clear that it is a clip channel because most of Omilana’s videos are on there.

Niko Omilana Age

Niko Omilana, a YouTuber, is 24 years old and was born on March 4, 1998. Despite his youth and the tone of many of his videos, the man’s channel addresses quite mature subjects.

For instance, the first video posted as a preview on his channel right now is a video titled UNDERCOVER As A RACIST for 24 Hours. Niko Omilana entered KSI’s boxing battle in the ring covertly as a fellow British YouTuber.

The film, which has nearly seven million views in the four years it has been online, takes on racism in a humorous way while still highlighting its issues.

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