Nicole Pacent Bio, Wikipedia, Bisexual, Sister, Tattoo, Child And Net Worth: 10 Interesting Facts Related To Actress

Nicole Pacent Bio, Wikipedia, Bisexual, Sister, Tatto, Child And Net Worth: 10 Interesting Facts Related To Actress
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Nicole Pacent, a 37-year-old American actress, is well known in Hollywood for her roles in Murder in the First (2008), Anyone But Me (2008), and CSI: Vegas (2021). (2014).

The actress, 5 feet 5 inches tall, plays the part of the young host Hope in Season 4 of Westworld.

Ten fascinating facts about the actress from Westworld are listed below:

1. Nicole Pacent Is Married And Still Bisexual

Nicole Pacent is wed and still proudly self-identifies as bisexual. Gustav Lindquist and her have been married since 2017. Gustav, her husband, is a well-known actor in films including How to Train Your Dragon, Rise of the Guardians, and Monsters vs. Aliens (2010).

She acknowledged being bisexual in a video posted to her YouTube account, but she chose a partner herself who loves and supports her.

According to the speaker, one common misconception is that bisexual persons automatically become straight when they marry someone of the opposite gender. However, this is not always the case.

2. Nicole Is Part Of The LGBTQ community.

Twelve years ago, Nicole Pacent came out as bisexual. In 2006, she revealed that she had a partner and asserted that she was proud of her sexuality.

Pacent claimed she would feel more connected to her LGBTQ community thanks to the online series Anyone But Me. She stated in an interview that she wants to be the voice for bisexual people because they are not as visible.

3. Nicole Hosts A Podcast With Her Friend, Lauren

Since they produced a reading of the play Avenger American in 2016, Nicole and Lauren Flan have become close friends. While working as volunteers at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the two started a podcast.

The weekly podcast Coming Out With Lauren & Nicole features guests who discuss their coming-out experiences, and listeners have responded with incredible enthusiasm.

4. Nicole’s Sister Kim Pacent Was An Artist And Composer

Kim was a gifted artist who produced numerous works of art. She produced, sang, and recorded several original songs. She has made numerous paintings and sketches as well.

April 1, 2015, saw her commit suicide. Nicole acknowledged her deep sorrow about her sister’s passing. She described losing her “darling, sweet, amusing, huge-hearted, tremendously talented, completely irreplaceable little sister” as an unrecoverable loss.

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5. Nicole Has A Stunning Tattoo Of A Bird On Her Feet

Nicole’s love of tattoos has been made very clear. She tweeted with excitement about getting a new tattoo.

The post included cheerful emojis and read, “Tattoo #2 time… Eeeeee!” She also shared a photo of her tattooed feet on Facebook.

6. Nicole Pacent Has A One-Year-Old Son

Leif Kim Pacent was born to Nicole Pacent on January 23, 2021. Kim was the name of Nicole’s late sister, who was given to her infant son.

The actress is highly active on social media, and on her Instagram, she frequently shares gorgeous photos of her baby. In addition, she occasionally posts work-related content with sentimental messages that honor her sister.

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7. Nicole Pacent Is A Millionaire

Successful American actor and producer Nicole Pacent. The actress’s estimated net worth, which comes from her work in the entertainment industry, ranges from $1 million to $5 million.

8. Nicole Was Awarded The Best Actress

Nicole appears in the acclaimed LGBTQ television series Anyone But Me.’s Reader’s Choice Awards presented Nicole with the Best Actress Award for the Web series.

Additionally, she received two nominations for Best Supporting Actress at the American Soap World Awards, Indie Soap Awards, and Indie Intertube Awards.

9. Nicole Pacent’s Can Also Sing Opera

Nicole loves Harry Potter a lot. In addition, she is a skilled singer who enjoys folk-rock music. Since she was 13, Nicole has studied opera and musical theatre and enjoys singing opera as a hobby.

The Westworld actress enjoys eating french toast and raising her dog Dobby and two cats, Eva and Boo.

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10. Nicole Pacent and Cynthia Addai-Robinson Graduated From Same College

The same university, Tisch School of Arts, produced master’s degrees for Nicole and Cynthia.

Robinson is a well-known television actress best recognized for playing Naevia in the Starz series Spartacus. In addition, she gained notoriety as Amanda Waller in the CW television series Arrow.

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