Nick Eardley Partner, Net Worth, Injury And Career Earnings

Nick Eardley, a political reporter for the BBC, started his job in January 2016. His admirers are curious about his life facts, which you can find in this article.

Nick has six years’ experience working for the BBC as a TV journalist. He is also a writer who started his media career in 2010 as an editor at Edinburgh’s Buzz Magazine. Many media outlets have praised and published his articles.

Eardley has developed into one of the world’s most well-known journalists and media professionals because of his abilities and expertise in the news business. He routinely travels and reports on political issues all across the world.

Additionally, Nick hosts the BBCPodlitical podcast every Thursday from his home in London. In his capacity as the political correspondent for the BBC, he also covered the 2020 UK general election.

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Details On Nick Eardley Personal Life

Nick Eardley was raised by English parents and was born and raised in London, England. He currently resides there. Nick suffered from a serious illness throughout his youth. Before it was widespread, he had celiac disease, and it took time to determine what was wrong.

He remembers being unwell in the late evening when he was a young child. When he was a little child and not feeling well, he remembers his parents watching a movie on the couch.

A political reporter for the BBC, Nick Eardley: Twitter

Although his parents preferred to watch movies in silence, he used to become horrified by specific movie scenes. The journalist does not yet know his exact age but appears to be in his 30s or 40s. When asked about his ideal vacation, he recalls that Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup.

His friend Chris and Nick are on a month-long road trip across the nation. They have interacted with many individuals, but Brazilians are the friendliest. With over 3.6K Instagram followers under the handle @nickeardley and around 69.5K Twitter followers.

Who Is Nick Eardley Partner?

Eardley seems to be unmarried as of 2022. He hasn’t disclosed anything official regarding his relationships or previous relationships. He likes to be unmarried because he travels the world as a BBC journalist.

We can’t presume the reports about the reporter’s alleged covert relationship are real because he hasn’t spoken about it. The correspondent is excited to start a new connection.

Nick Eardley, political correspondent for the BBC: BBC

According to an interview he gave Holyrood Magazine on April 16, 2021, he now chooses his family and girlfriend with a few bottles of wine, a three-course meal, and a dog. He answered, “Right now, pretty much anyone,” when asked who his ideal date would be.

There are no pictures on his social media accounts that show him to be dating someone right now. But it’s clear from his Instagram that he likes to travel.

Nick Eardley’s Net Worth

Nick Eardley is a paid political journalist for the BBC, and his net worth is thought to be $500,000.

According to career bliss, the average annual salary for BBC reporters and correspondents is $80,000, or $38 per hour. This is 71% more than the $38,000 annual average wage for all reporters nationwide and 19% more than the average income for all working Americans.

The University of Edinburgh awarded Nick Eardley an MA (Hons) in History and Politics in 2009. In addition, Edinburgh Napier University awarded Nick Eardley a Master of Journalism in 2010.

The Journlist, Nick Eardlry, During The News Anchoring: express )

For as long as he can remember, Eardley has wanted to be a journalist, political correspondent, and editor. Nick got his start in journalism at a young age. He has extensive experience in journalism and has worked for several media organizations.

Additionally, he worked as a BBC broadcast journalist from May 2014 until January 2016. He was in charge of managing and producing local news for the Guardian’s Edinburgh website.

The website served as a testbed for several community engagement strategies in a digital experiment. Nick worked closely with the city’s underrepresented populations and civic leaders to provide a steady stream of news and stories.

Some Amazing Facts About Nick Eardley

1) Nick Eardley, is not in a relationship yet.

The sources indicate that the journalist is single. People are clamoring to find out about his connections even though he has not disclosed any details about his personal life.

There is no information regarding his affair on his social media. He might decide to be discreet. He primarily posts images from his travels and his professional life. Nick mostly concentrates on politics, and his Twitter feed is full of items from the BBC and other news sources.

2) Nick had coeliac disease when he was a child.

As a young child, he had celiac disease. He remembers becoming ill late at night when he was a little child. He knows, “After that, I watched a movie on the couch with my parents.

Although I have no idea what the movie was about, I will never forget the scene in which a baby was abandoned beside a river. My unfortunate parents merely wanted to watch a movie quietly, but they unintentionally permanently damaged me.”

He worked as a BBC broadcast journalist from May 2014: shutterstock

3) He is the BBC’s political correspondent.

He informs the audience of political news as a BBC correspondent. The British author has been a political journalist for the News Association since 2016 and the BBC since 2014.

Nick was formerly a broadcast journalist for the company. His knowledge and tales mainly deal with the nation’s political situation. In 2010, the journalist started his media career by working as a supervisor for Edinburgh’s Buzz Magazine.

4) Eardley travels around the world as a journalist covering news.

He frequently goes to various locations to report the news as a professional news anchor. This is evident on his Instagram, where he primarily posts photos of his backstage activities. We can tell from his social media that he loves football a lot.

He and his friends frequently travel to several nations to attend matches. In addition, from 2005 to 2009, he pursued a Master of Arts in History and Politics at the University of Edinburgh. Nick then went to Edinburgh Napier University to earn a journalism master’s degree.

Eardley is one of the world’s most well-known journalists and media professionals: YouTube

5) Nick reports on political and contentious issues.

Nick Eardley writes and creates content for the BBC’s in-house news unit. According to his LinkedIn profile, he works at the main office in London.

The political reporter worked at Millbank for 90 days this year as a member of the political decision group. In September 2014, he participated in Glasgow’s Scottish freedom mandate campaign.

Quick Facts

NameNick Eardley
Net Worth$500k
ProfessionNews Journalist
Height5 feet and 10 inches

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