Neysha Soodeen’s husband, Iain Thomson, is a financier with more than 30 years of stock market experience. Iain is currently a member of the Barbados Tourism BOD.

Neysha has represented the Barbados tourism business for many years, and she continues to do so as best she can.

She is the Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust chair and the world’s representative for the area.

As an ambassador and contributor, Neysha has done everything within her ability to encourage tourism and interest in the Caribbean over the years.

She is also known as a generous person who has spent most of her adult life working for women’s rights and other good causes.

Neysha Soodeen
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Neysha Soodeen Partner And Married Life

More than ten years have passed since Iain Thomson and Neysha Sooden married. Iain has thirty years of experience investing and is well-versed in global financial markets.

Iain is a member of the boards of directors for both the Barbados Tourism Product Authority and the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. The minister of tourism and international transportation for the country gave the job to the financier in March 2022.

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The government hired him due to his proficiency in utilizing technology and digitalization in payments to bring new reforms to the sector. Having spent decades in direct contact with the world’s financial markets, he is an experienced economy reformer and expert in his field.

Neysha and her husband currently work in the Barbados tourism sector.

Neysha Soodeen’s Earnings And Net Worth Details

Neysha Soodeen has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She is involved in several Caribbean companies that earn her a substantial chunk of money.

She is listed as the founder and CEO of Radleigh Consulting and Toute Bagai Publishing, two of the region’s most well-known magazine publishing enterprises, on her LinkedIn profile.

Additionally, she founded and served as CEO of the MACO Investment Group for approximately 25 years. Through MACO, she runs several other businesses in addition to her MACO Magazine.

She has worked with a number of businesses, community groups, and government agencies to show how knowledgeable she is in the field.

She started her professional career in 1997 and is currently the Director of Sponsorship and Partnership at the Holders Opera Festival. Since then, the woman has contributed to more than 20 different projects and businesses.

Given that she is involved in several businesses and has been working for more than 20 years, it is safe to say that she is very wealthy.

Children Of Neysha Soodeen

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Neysha lives in Barbados with her husband Iain, their son Tej Thomson, and other members of their family.

After getting married, Neysha and Iain relocated to Barbados, where they now live happy lives surrounded by friends and family. 2009 saw the birth of the couple’s child, who is now 13 years old.

She is widely referred to as Miss MACO in the area due to her involvement with and contributions to the MACO Investment company.

She is proud to name Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean her home because she has accomplished so much in her nation.

She has resided in the area, where her family is located, since she was born. She was born in Barbados, holds Barbados citizenship, and she also has other papers proving her allegiance to the country.

Although she was born and reared in the Caribbean, she completed her education there. In Ottawa, Canada’s Carleton University awarded her a Bachelor of Criminology degree.

She returned to Barbados to advance her career and aid in expanding her nation.

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