NeNe Leakes Sued By Malomine Tehmeh Sioh: Explore Every Details About Her

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Nyonisea Sioh’s ex-wife, Malomine Tehmeh Sioh, has launched a lawsuit against his lover, Nene Leaks.

Malomine Tehmeh Sioh sparked a marital crisis when she filed a lawsuit in North Carolina for $100,000 in damages, claiming that the affair with Nene Leakes prompted her to divorce her husband Nyonisela Sigh.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum had denied the accusations and even colored the bogus assumptions with her tactics to reclaim her old status.

Is Malomine Tehmeh Sioh, NeNe’s boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend, Suing Her?

Malomine Tehmeh Sioh was happily married to her fashion designer spouse Nyonisela Sioh, but things were not going well between them.

The woman alleged that her ex-husband had cheated on her with American TV star Nene Leakes while they were still married.

Indeed, she has documentation to back up her claims, as she brought the dispute to court to settle it. People condemned the reality TV actress for being a home wrecker, and she received a wave of backlash.

She had to assure TMZ that she wasn’t a husband thief, and she went on to say in a live video that there were plenty of single guys in her world for her to pursue.

But she isn’t one to back down; in June, she shared an Instagram story with Nyonisela that included a problematic comment and a video of the two riding in a car.

Find Malomine Tehmeh Sioh Age And Family Details

Malomine Tehmeh Sioh, a Liberian woman in her fifties, was the wife of Liberian entrepreneur Nyonisela Sioh. They had a truly happy marriage since they were physically and psychologically attracted to each other.

They married in 2016 and have a son named Nyoni, who is just 11 years old. She accused him of lying about his whereabouts in court records, accusing him of having an adulterous affair with the 54-year-old TV personality.

Indeed, she expressed her humiliation, humiliation, and dishonor after receiving images of her beloved and his mistress in a compromising posting on social media accounts.

She eventually requested a divorce and finalized the process on December 17, 2021, when the anguish became too severe to bear. Leakes added fuel to the fire by posting photos of herself enjoying her birthday two days before the court approved the paperwork.

Discover Malomine Tehmeh Sioh Profession

Malomine Tehmeh Sioh’s occupation is unknown because her husband, Nyonisela Sioh, was the breadwinner and worked as a Liberian businessman and designer.

His current source of income comes from Nyoni Couture, a couture suit company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The establishment has a solid base because it specializes in bespoke men’s garments and can create unique outfits for weddings and other special events.

Indeed, since he provides personalized tailoring sessions in Atlanta and other locations such as Paris, Brussels, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, he has increased his ability to bring in more expert tailors.

About Malomine Tehmeh Sioh Instagram

Malomine Tehmeh Sioh is not on Instagram because she dislikes being in the spotlight, but you can follow her ex-husband, Nyoni Couture, on his account, which has 149k followers.

You can also keep up with her gorgeous adolescent son’s antics on his father’s social media account.

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