Neil Balme is well-known in Australian rules football for his long career success. He formerly played for prestigious clubs such as Richmond FC, Norwood, and Subiaco.

He is one of three brothers who have made a name for themselves in the NFL. Following his playing career, he taught and subsequently worked as an administrator.

He was well-known for being one of football’s wild men, frequently throwing his weight. However, even after he retired, people remembered him as a skilled player who could win difficult matches.

Neil Balme Illness, Weight Loss, And Health-Related Issues
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The sudden weight loss of Neil Balme, a former AFL player, raised concerns about his health. Explore his Health, Illness, Wife, and Net Worth details in this post.

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Neil Balme Illness And Health Issue Details

Australian businessman Neil Balme has more than 30 years of experience in the media and entertainment industries. He currently serves as Village Roadshow’s executive chairman. A multimedia corporation called Village Roadshow owns and operates several companies in Australia, including movie studios and theme parks.

Because of how much weight Neil Balme had shed, the bulk of his followers were taken aback by his before and after images. In reality, he has been struggling with an unusual health issue recently.

However, it does not appear that his ailment is related to his weight loss. Balme also recently recounted his September 2020 brain crisis, which resulted in him waking up in an ambulance.

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He explained how he passed out in front of his house, woke up in an ambulance, and how that affected the Adelaide game on the Sacked Podcast.

Neil struggled with his weight and understood that he needed to take action. His weight-loss journey began with this. He weighed 262 pounds, double how big he used to be.

He also set a goal of losing 50 pounds by 2018 and another 10 pounds each year until he reached his goals. Thanks to his diet and recommendations, he appears to have met his goal by 2022.

Neil Balme Weight Loss Details In 2022

Neil Balme has dropped weight and has left his admirers concerned. However, the ex-AFL player’s weight loss appears to have nothing to do with his health issues.

When Neil struggled with his weight and decided he had to take action, his adventure to reduce his weight began. He has doubled in size in the last few years and now weighs 262 pounds.

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In addition, he told himself that he wanted to drop an additional 10 pounds per year until he met his goals—a 50-pound loss by 2018 and another 10 pounds after that. He will accomplish his objective by 2022 with a diet and some guidelines.

According to his source, he is currently 229 pounds, or 104 kg, in weight. However, the former AFL player still appears to be on the appropriate diet for weight loss. If so, his weight might fluctuate over the coming days.

Neil Balme Wife: Does He Have Any Children?

Carmel and Neil Balme have been married for quite some time. Her presence is the most important aspect of his life. Georgia, William, Jarrod, and Kate are all their four children.

His grown children are all busy with their own lives and occupations. Yet, despite everything, the adorable family remains quite close.

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Neil is a wonderful husband and father to his three children. In a homage to the squad and his partner, he had already stated, “Carmel and I have nothing but good memories of our time with the Cats.”

Neil Balme Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

In 2022, Neil Balme anticipated that his net worth might exceed one million dollars. Formerly an Australian Rules football player, he currently serves as the team’s coach and manager.

He earns more than $100,000 annually as Richmond’s senior club advisor. Balme is another seasoned professional with years of experience in the area. He might have amassed a sizable fortune and led a very comfortable life with his family.

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