The family of Naomie Olindo, who is worth an estimated $5 million, is said to be the owner of several restaurants in France.

On the other hand, she is a reality star who used her fame to launch a business.

Naomie became well-known after appearing in the Bravo reality series Southern Charm.

Naomie Olindo Family, Earnings, Salary, Net Worth And Parents Details
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Naomie Olindo Earnings And Salary Explored

With her longtime friend and business partner Ginny Cox, Naomie launched the lifestyle brand L’ABEYE after she gained fame. Items in these web-based clothing shops are priced anywhere from $12 to $114.

Millions of supporters are essential to the success of any firm, and the same is true for Naomie Olindo’s bank account.

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The businesswoman also has a passion for travel, and she frequently shares Instagram photos from her breathtaking vacations. In addition, Naomie has saved a considerable sum of money to support her opulent lifestyle.

The famous person is also affiliated with several other brands through endorsement deals. Her benefactors likely contributed significantly to her fortune. Naomie has come far in her career, but she has much more. Olindo’s career and riches could benefit from future sponsorship and partnerships.

NameNaomie Olindo
OccupationModel & Estate agent

Naomie Olindo Net Worth Details

According to an estimate by Slice, Naomie Olindo and her family have a combined net worth of roughly $5 million. Her family is in the restaurant business in both Charleston and France, and she allegedly knows her way around real estate as well.

Naomie is the proud owner of two businesses: a clothing line and a lifestyle brand. Her clothing label is known as L’Abeye. She is a retailer who specializes in items for female consumers.

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Naomie made her television debut in the third season of Southern Charm in 2016. After that, she was considered a recurring cast member until the sixth season, when she was cast as the lead.

She is grateful for the show’s success and the opportunities it has provided her with. Olindo’s fortune likely grew substantially due to his star appearance on the reality show for over four years.

Net Worth$500K

Naomie Olindo Parents Details

On August 4, 1992, Naomie Olindo was born to parents Joel and Carole Olindo. The reality show star was born in France but later migrated to Charleston, South Carolina, with his family. Since no visual or media evidence suggests Naomie has siblings, she was likely raised as an only child.

Naomie routinely updates her Instagram with pictures of her close-knit family. Despite the considerable distance between their houses, the actress keeps in regular contact with her parents by calling them.

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Naomie’s mother gives off the vibe of being a reserved individual who rarely posts anything online. But, on the other hand, her mother seems to approve of her daughter’s choices and promotes her daughter’s business on her own Facebook page.

Naomie Olindo was comforted by her father, who has since passed away. However, you can tell that the father and daughter duo was solid since Naomie has posted dozens of images of them together on Instagram. When Naomie’s father had a heart attack while he was away from home, she had a nightmare and felt ill because of how closely they were connected. Her father survived a heart attack, thank goodness.

Father’ NameJoel Olindo
Mother’ Name Carole Olindo

Comparing: Naomie Net Worth With Other Southern Charm

It may come as a surprise to learn that the other members of Southern Charm are just as wealthy as Naomie is. Patricia Altschul, an art collector, is the show’s most financially successful reality star. They tied the knot just before Arthur Altschul, a Goldman Sachs banker and partner, passed away.

Ms. Altschul is currently engaged to a man who we cannot reveal her identity to have been one of her three previous husbands. However, because she is the mother of the show’s founder, Southern Charm, she began making regular appearances. Because of her late husband’s riches, she is now worth $20 million.

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Craig Conover’s popularity among the show’s viewers has skyrocketed, and rightfully so. However, while Conover was trained as a lawyer, he took the life-altering decision to pursue a career in the pillow industry instead. Craig’s pillow business, Sewing Down South, has gotten him off the ground and given him an excellent start toward his $400,000.

Shep Rose put his life savings into a restaurant and some property. As an entrepreneur, Rose runs the Palace Hill restaurant and invests in similar establishments like pubs. His fortune is estimated to be $4 million. Austen Kroll was employed by Red Hare Brewing Company as their region sales manager, with a yearly salary of $64,000. Kroll’s parents and the show’s success have helped him earn millions.

Here is a list of how much money the rest of the cast has:

  • $800,000 Kathryn Dennis
  • $1.5 million Madison LeCroy
  • $1.5 Million John Pringle
  • $2 Million Whitney Sudler Smith
  • $3.6 Million Leva Bonaparte

Naomie Olindo Father Death Cause

On December 20, 2019, at 68, Joel lost his battle with esophageal cancer. Additionally, the Southern Charm starlet announced her father had passed away on Instagram on December 23. Then Naomie thanked everyone who had helped her and her family through this trying time.

After obtaining green cards in a lottery in 2000, Joel, his wife Carole, and their daughter Naomie relocated to Charleston, South Carolina, where Joel set up shop in the restaurant and real estate industries. The French countryside is where Joel grew up.

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Naomie felt nothing but pride for her father in April after he opened his third restaurant after many years. The mothers of both Joel and Naomie have made appearances on Southern Charm over the years. Although Joel’s health had improved, he suffered a heart attack in June of 2018. A wake-up call, Joel made lifestyle changes and lost 40 pounds.

Naomie’s greatest fear is the loss of a parent, and she spoke about this on Stassi Schroeder’s “Straight Up With Stassi” podcast in April 2017.

Naomie Olindo Early Life Details

After graduating high school in Japan, Naomie moved to the United States to attend university. She was enrolled in the College of Charleston. She frequently posts about her studies because she takes them so seriously.

Soon after taking the GRE in 2016, she enrolled in a graduate program. After completing her MBA at the College of Charleston. She studied economics in college.

Naomie Olindo is now a Charleston’s upper-class member, but she isn’t originally from the South. Olindo’s actual birthday is August 4, 1992; this year, she’ll turn 30.

Naomie Olindo Relationships

Participants in reality TV shows often find themselves in the spotlight. For example, Naomie’s involvement in Southern Charms was mainly motivated by her then-boyfriend, Craig Conover, a prominent cast member of the show.

She and Naomie’s ex-boyfriend initially met when he was a senior at the College of Charleston, and she was a freshman there. While they did meet in high school, they did not get along at first. But, on the other hand, the exes eventually found one another again and started dating.

Their breakup was highly publicized and, to put it politely, tumultuous. The couple broke up in 2017 after being together for four years.

About Naomie Olindo and Metul Shah

Naomie moved on from her breakup with him by beginning a relationship with doctor Metul Shah, which she confirmed on Instagram in 2018. The recently split-up couple used to post supportive messages on each other’s social media sites.

Naomie saw a public relations fail and decided to keep her boyfriend out of the spotlight. She was concerned about his personal space and did not want others to know about their relationship.

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And because of the depth of their relationship, everyone assumed that Naomie Olindo’s ex-boyfriend would soon propose and that the two would tie the knot.

Naomie and Metul appeared to be having a great time abroad, but they broke up soon after settling in New York. Speculation has grown that Naomie Olindo’s boyfriend cheated on her after their breakup, even though the reason for the split has not been made public.

Some FAQs

What is Naomi from Southern Charm business?

In partnership with Ginny Cox, Naomie developed her apparel line, L’ABEYE.

What happened to Naomie Olindo?

According to reports, Naomie and Metul ended their relationship in July 2021 after she accused him of infidelity.

What restaurant does Naomi’s family own?

Her family owns a restaurant named Mount Pleasant.

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