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Nakul Thampis, a well-known Indian artist, was severely injured in a terrible accident. He gained notoriety after participating in the popular reality competition “D 4 Dance,” where he captured the public’s affection with his talent.

When the sad news broke online as he celebrated his career, it devastated everyone, especially his followers and close friends. The budding artist was seriously hurt in a terrible car accident.

Even if they miss him on the stage and wish he would appear on the screen sooner, his supporters continue to pray for him. First, however, let’s find out how everyone’s favourite celebrity is faring.

Nakul Thampi Accident Recovery Details

Nakul Thampi, a well-known artist, is still healing in 2022 from the accident that seriously damaged him on January 5, 2020. The incident happened when he got home from a road trip with his friends.

His car collided with a bus close to Madurai, Tamil Nadu, causing the fatal accident. Thampi had a fractured nose, a dislocated hip clavicle, and a traumatic and significant brain injury.

He escaped the terrible accident with a brutal impact only by a miracle. He was taken to the hospital immediately after suffering severe wounds while in the passenger seat.

Although he hasn’t opened his eyes yet, the doctor monitoring him has told the artist’s family that he is still recovering.

The medical staff has not yet provided his full recuperation timetable. In addition, after he regained consciousness, the orthopaedic team opted to do hip surgery. Everyone here hopes for his quick recovery until then.
According to his usually bouncy and restless sibling, the most unsettling fact of our life had him bedridden in the intensive care unit every day.

The artist may heal more quickly in the days to come with the prayers and well wishes of his family and friends, and hopefully, his fans will be able to watch him again on screen.

Where Is Nakul Thampi Now?

Nakul Thampi is still recuperating from his severe accident injuries while confined to a bed. However, his family made multiple wishes and raised money for his quick recovery.

His close friend Priya Varrier previously visited him and posted a photo of herself holding his hands while wishing him a speedy recovery. Additionally, the fundraiser raising money for his medical bills has since stopped.

For the time being, his family has kept a low profile and hasn’t provided any new information about the adored dancer. While the actor is recovering, we pray his family can find the necessary courage.

Twenty-one years old It is well known that Nakul Thampi is single and has no girlfriend. He did, however, once the date the actress Sania Iyyappan.

Sania said with emotion, “Now, I really miss him. He is still healing. I still haven’t been able to visit him. Two years ago, we split up. Later, we had one encounter. We remain close friends. I speak with Nakula as Nakula’s mum video calls.”

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